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Wedding Society Denmark is the site where you will find helpful information and tips as you plan for your Wedding

Wedding Society Denmark is the site where you will find helpful information and tips as you plan for your Wedding and Reception in Denmark. Our Wedding Society Network articles is separated into easy to navigate categories for our Brides to use. Our library includes articles on Wedding and Reception Budgeting, Wedding and Reception Pre-Planning and other Danish related Wedding and Reception articles.

Wedding Society Denmark

Our goal is to capture the spirit, emotion and texture of your wedding

Our goal is to capture the spirit, emotion and texture of your wedding. We like weddings with emotional content – we want to watch photos from Denmark (Sjælland, Jylland and Fyn) that speak not just to your eyes but to your heart & soul. It is the moment that you have been waiting for your whole life the moment that you will say “I do” to the one you love in front of your friends and family and make it official. But even the most easy-going couple may find that planning can become overwhelming.

Most brides and planners do not know where to start, what to do, where to research their THEME or DREAM WEDDING –
it all starts with little more than exactly that a hope, a dream, a possibly reality, fantasy and SPECIAL DREAM THEME WEDDING DAY PAR NONE!

Unique vision for the wedding

Unique vision for the wedding

We have seen wedding ceremonies ranging from traditional and formal to unique and fun, from excessive to minimal, and from grossly expensive to easily affordable. Just when you think that we’ve seen it all, we still meet couples with a new, unique vision for their wedding ceremony. Are you searching for unique wedding ideas to make your own wedding more personal, we made this site to help with that! This site offers ideas on wedding decorations and flowers, to sample wedding programs, great wedding photography, nice cakes, stories and much more. Here you find it all!Unique vision for the wedding

Choice of wedding cake

Making your choice in wedding cake design makes a statement about your personality and sense of style. It should reflect you and your good taste. You may choose a sophisticated elegant look. Or show your playfulness and sense of humor as in the case of “whimsical” styles. It should also fit well with the location, the decorating, and ambiance which you have created for your reception.Choice of wedding cake

Wedding Photography

We believe that wedding photography at its best will capture people at their most natural with candid shots as the day goes on. Our contemporary reportage style is combined with a strong understanding of light and composition to produce a comprehensive selection of stunning images from every wedding. We are full time professional wedding photographers and our continued success is based on personal recommendation. We put all our time and effort into something we believe passionately about to deliver the very best service for our clients.Wedding Photography

What is so sentimental about Weddings in Denmark?

Marvelous old cities, historic towns and villages of all sizes particularly well suited for romantic Danish weddings and honeymoons will rise together with their culture and peoples to welcome you everywhere you go. Weddings in Denmark offer extraordinary European honeymoon packages for all international visitors what ever their cultural background.

Come learn, master, discover and explore what so many bridal magazines and sites cannot offer about Dream and Theme Weddings – answers and solutions!

What is so sentimental about Weddings in Denmark?DIY Wedding

You can do it yourself, or you can get a third party, planner involved to give things that professional flair. There are numerous theme weddings to fit all shapes, budgets and sizes. All-inclusive, resort, exotic island, cruise or extreme wedding packages are at your fingertips, right around the globe. If you want to bring the globe back to your home-town, hall, hotel or backyard, there are options there to create just the right ambience and a theme wedding is the perfect way to orchestrate and ‘stage’ the whole event, including the days leading up to, arrival of guests, pre-event parties, rehearsals, dinners, ceremony, reception and after-parties.DIY Wedding

Once you have a theme picked

Once you have a theme picked, other details and finer points of the wedding, planning, coordinating and execution becomes that much easier. A unifying theme can help you opt for things around the theme for any, some or all of the following, this site is dedicated to cover all things wedding day and theme related:
  • The Wedding Party
  • Magical Moments
  • Music and Dancing
  • Parties and Showers
  • Vows and Readings
  • Accessories
  • Cakes
  • Decorations
  • Wedding photography
  • Favors
  • Flowers
  • Planning, them and traditions
  • Engagement and Wedding Rings
  • Bridal Beauty Considerations

Once you have a theme picked

Through the use of a theme….

Through the use of a theme YOU for once, are in the position of communicating with your guests, way before the couple and day, event even arrives. It shares with them and all something about you and things that you love, cherish and prefer. It should showcase a little bit of your personality, what attracted you to each other, tell a story of your love etc.Through the use of a theme....

Colors, tastes, sounds, music, décor, food and drink, favor, fabric….

Colors, tastes, sounds, music, décor, food and drink, favor, fabric etc. all start to come together nicely in a tidy package, once you put your mind to it. Think about what and how each decision you make , can make your theme come to life and have this personal wedding event of all time, just the way you want and like it to be.
What truly matters is NOT WHERE, but who is there, why they are there, that you share your special day with them, the ones you love and cherish and remember it for a lifetime. Weddings can and do take place almost anywhere and everywhere!

When it comes to themed weddings and party favors

When it comes to themed weddings and party favors, that everyone will adore, love and cherish, useful and elegant you do not have to spend an arm and a leg. Lots of dollar stores, hobby stores and craft centers, even fabric stores will have lots to choose from to add that special touch to your themed wedding. that are elegant and in keeping with your overall theme and yet can still be useful after the wedding. Good ideas and creative inspiration will characterize your personalizing your wedding day. The choice of a theme will set your imagination on flight – make your dream wedding day come true, now , tomorrow and forever!When it comes to themed weddings and party favors

During the process of getting to and through any dream event

During the process of getting to and through any dream event, especially a wedding or themed wedding event, you will encounter a mix-bad of planning and activity frenzy, emotions, frustrations, challenges and ‘un-fore-seen’ happening in, between and around you. The latter and obstacles often doubling with a themed wedding, just due to all the complexity and multi-faceted nature you are adding to it.During the process of getting to and through any dream event

Which one comes first?

Which one comes first? That is entirely up to you and personal preference and means will most likely dictate, as will whether you are hosting and staging it yourself (DYI) wedding or utilizing the services of a wedding planner or planners, niche specialty providers, packages or customizing it from A to Z. Quality, affordability, themed décor, color, menus and other, might make discussions about financials actually a little easier – especially if things are tight. It is easier to talk about other things that the actual price tag – but if you deal with all these issues in the same unthreatening context, like provided here, many a family will attest to this under-sung and underestimated value of Danish weddings.Which one comes first?

We Know your time is valuable to you

We Know your time is valuable to you. We also understand that a good photographer does not necessarily make a good layout designer. So commission the design task to us, Can Allowing you have More Time For Shooting and with customers, more time For marketing and acquiring new customers for your business, allowing more time to make profits. We work with photographers all over Denmark.We Know your time is valuable to you

Wedding planners

Wedding planners and professional niche specialist, themed wedding generalists, know-how artistes are at our disposal. Online planners, software, magazines, books, guides, chats, blogs, brides-to-be forums are all there to help out with making your DREAM THEMED WEDDING come true. Make and have all individual and collective elements, incorporate and accentuate your theme, expand and underline it at every opportunity that you can find.
  • Princess, cinderella theme wedding
  • fall wedding theme – leaves, colors, harvest foods, smells,
  • beach party or night-time, sunset wedding on a remote, isolated beach with a campfire and a few intimate friends
  • butterfly wedding theme
  • summer wedding theme
  • western wedding theme
  • formal, tuxedo-style, black and white wedding theme with sit-down, plated dinner, gowns and the whole nine-yards
  • hawaiian theme wedding
  • winter wedding theme
  • tropical theme wedding
  • asian wedding theme
  • fairy tale wedding theme
  • spring wedding theme
  • Flowers, rose, orchids, lilies or daisy theme wedding
  • Elizabethan wedding theme
  • wedding color and combination type themes
  • tiffany blue wedding theme
  • las vegas theme wedding
  • garden theme wedding
  • fall wedding theme idea
  • calla lily wedding theme
  • angel theme wedding
  • precious moment wedding theme
  • country theme wedding
  • Greek wedding theme
  • halloween theme wedding
  • pink wedding theme
  • prom wedding theme
  • italian wedding theme
  • nautical theme wedding
  • outdoor wedding theme
  • movie wedding theme
  • victorian theme wedding