A Guide to Choosing a Videographer

A Guide to Choosing a Videographer

If you are planning a video of your wedding

If you are planning a video of your wedding then this should also be booked early on. As with your photography, choose a style that suits you and your wedding. Videography typically falls into two styles:


This style of video incorporates pictures of you and your fiancé(e) from babyhood to adult, momentos of the time you are marrying eg the newspaper headline that day and music of your choice. The tape is edited to approximately an hour or 90 minutes and covers the highlights of the day. Most videographers, regardless of their style, offer complete coverage of the day, at least until the dancing, and later if you require.


To some degree this echos the style of the storybook photography – a less formal style that covers the whole day. It does not usually incorporate pictures and much music (although you can request it) and films the whole day in its entirety. The final tape will be edited but not to the extent that the classic video would be. Some of the documentary style videographers are also incorporating movie making techniques to present a final edit that follows a movie format -they are great fun and a very different way of capturing your wedding day.

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