A Honeymoon for Thrill Seekers

Nile Cruise: A Honeymoon for Thrill Seekers

There are few places that are more romantic than Egypt, with so much mystery and thrill, it is a great destination for a couple wishing to have a honeymoon to remember. Travel down the Nile in style aboard a five-star luxury cruise vessel and with your partner discover the mysteries of ancient Egypt, even combine your cruise with a stay at a Red Sea hotel afterwards. On board a Nile Cruise you will get to see so many wonderful things, here is a guide to why a Nile cruise can make the perfect honeymoon destination.A Honeymoon for Thrill Seekers


When considering where to go on a honeymoon the accommodation is essential, and couples always want to find the best and most luxurious. Nile cruise vessels are both stylish and sophisticated offering visitors an old school glamour feel and ambiance. There are different types of cabins all offering modern conveniences, well decorated, and some also offer balconies. On deck there are swimming pools, Jacuzzis, sun loungers, and fantastic restaurants. Perhaps the biggest attraction are the views.  A cruise is not like staying in a hotel or resort where you have one view, on a Nile cruise the incredible sites are always changing as you make your way down the Nile, and there is plenty of time to sit back and relax on your sun lounger and watch them go by.







The Sights

What really makes a Nile cruise holiday an ideal honeymoon is the awe-inspiring sites that you will see along the way. Nile cruises organise excursions to the sites along the way, and these are accompanied by an experienced Egyptologist so that you are able to really get the most out of them. What could be more romantic than walking hand in hand and hearing the stories of Ramses and his beloved Nefertiti who he built a giant statue in honour for? Some of the famous and exciting sights that you will see along the way are the Pyramids at Giza (one of the Seven Wonders of the World), the Valley of Kings and Queens, the romantic Botanical Gardens on General Kitchener Island, Abu Simbel, Temple of Sobek and Haroeris at Kom Ombo and many more. There is also evening entertainment such as belly dancing and traditional music for you to enjoy.The Sights

The Best of Both Worlds

If you feel that you wish to take in the thrills of a Nile cruise, but do not want to miss out on being pampered and chilling out by the pool then combine your Nile cruise with a stay at a Red Sea hotel or resort, cruise for one week and enjoy the beautiful beaches and glistening Red Sea.

A Nile cruise honeymoon is perfect for couples who love adventure and fun, it is a honeymoon that is a little bit different but it will create memories that you will treasure forever. To create the perfect honeymoon, balance of sunshine and adventure then combine your holiday with a stay at a Red Sea resort and then you will have had it all. For more information about Nile Cruises visit the www.nile-cruise.co.uk

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