A Wedding Is A Time To Celebrate Life

A wedding is a ceremony that initiates a new beginning

A wedding is a ceremony that initiates a new beginning in the lives of the two people who unite for life. Wedding traditions and customs and wedding preparations differ greatly from one country to another, but the essence of a marriage remains the same- it is a period of joy and jubilation. People can opt to make their marriage ceremony, a social occasion to share their joy with their family and friends or can keep it as a private affair in the civil court. Whatever your wedding ideas are to make your marriage speci al, whether you marry in Hawaii or in an air balloon, a marriage would only be declared legal after the signing of the marriage license or other legal documents!




A wedding is a ceremony that initiates a new beginning

On The D Day

The bride and the bridegroom are the two ‘most special’ people on the marriage day. After they are wed, they are husband and wife to each other. A wedding is oft called a nuptial bond as well. The word ‘nuptial’ is a synonym for – conjugation, matrimonial, marital and bridal.

At a marriage, the wedding vows and the proclamation of marriage are witnessed by the official and other invitees. The venue of ceremony gets brightened because of the traditional clothes and decorative flowers all around.

Most celebrations include the engagement function, cocktail parties, hen nights and stag nights prior to the nuptials and a reception- post marriage. The other features that beautify and sanctify a marriage are elements like prayers, poetry, music and gatherings.Types Of Weddings

Types Of Weddings

Among the many types of marriages, destination weddings are the latest rage where the guests as well as the couple-to-be travel to an exotic destination for the marriage ceremony. Marriage celebrations also last for many days, often extending over the weekend and are called the weekend marriage ceremony. In such weddings, the boarding and lodging is at the venue of the celebration.

A white wedding is the most westernized form of a church wedding where the color of the Bridal gown is white, a symbol of innocence and purity. The customs of a processional song played for the bride’s walk down the aisle, exchanging rings, toasting the bride and groom, the newlyweds’ first dance, cake cutting etc. are beautiful rituals of a church wedding.




Other marriages are military weddings conducted in a military chapel and civil marriages that are presided over by the local civil authorities. Lately, same gender marriages are also gaining acceptance the world over.Types Of Weddings

Before And After A Wedding

A wedding is planned honoring the traditions of one’s culture and country. The bride’s gown and bridegroom’s tuxedo, home décor items, electronics and other things are purchased and gifted to the couple-to-be before they set out to begin a new life together. A wedding insurance is another thing that should be on the minds of the couple- to-be and their families at this time.

After a marriage ceremony, most couples assume their roles as husband and wife most easily. They know their duties towards each other and towards their forthcoming children as well. A wedding is a time to celebrate a new beginning of happiness and togetherness.Before And After A Wedding

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