Asian Theme Wedding – A Unique Experience

For a truly unique wedding experience

For a truly unique wedding experience, try an Asian theme wedding with all its accompanying frills and little embellishments for an authentic feel. For those who have never experienced such a wedding theme, a true lesson in a different cultural arena awaits. For people who love all things oriental, this is an ideal choice and an Asian theme wedding can be an exceptionally wonderful experience for all if is carried out with a little bit of creativity and imagination. Fall weddings with an Asian theme offer a whole world of possibilities that can be explored in all aspects of the experience.

Different Options For Your Asian Theme Wedding

Theme weddings with an Asian flavor can be of many options, other than the two main types that are Japanese and Chinese.

  • An Asian Pacific theme: To create the true effect of such a theme, decorate the venue of the wedding with fishing nets and swirling glass flotation balls. Have large mother-of-pearl oyster shells strewn all over the reception room. Your tables can be named after varieties of famous Asian trees such as Weeping Cherry, Cherry, and Chrysanthemum. Have a traditional menu comprising of sakura blossom tea, sweet dumplings and if possible, even sushi.
  • Japanese pearl theme: To complement an Asian theme wedding, decorate the entire room with balloons of colors like pearl grey, ivory and pale pink. Drape your vase centerpieces in strands of fake pearls. Have a pearl tiara for the bride as well as pearl necklaces and hair-combs for the bride and bridesmaids.

Various Ideas To Be Explored In Asian Theme Weddings

There are many areas that can provide a really authentic touch to your Asian theme wedding. Some of them are:-

  • Attire: There are many different types of Asian wedding gowns that are available. Many of these are easily available on the Internet.
  • Menu: Asian cuisine offers a wide variety of choices like teriyaki chicken with rice, sushi, wontons etc. For people who prefer slightly Americanized Asian food, food like egg rolls and wonton soup can also be added.
  • Flowers: The appropriate flower arrangements need to be selected to retain the authenticity of your Asian theme wedding. Asian flowers such as lilies, orchids, bamboo and bear grass can be used. Employing the services of someone who knows ikebana would be ideal in keeping with the theme.
  • Wedding favors: Wedding favors like incense sets, fortune cookies, sake cups, lucky bamboo plants etc. can be given in your Asian theme wedding.

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