Wedding Flower Ideas – For Your Personal Style

Wedding Flower Ideas - For Your Personal Style

Buy Wholesale Wedding Flowers

Begin your wedding flower ideas by buying nothing less than the best flowers available in the market. Wholesale wedding flowers are much fresher than the ones that you find at your local florist or the wholesaler. Fresh farm flowers are not only popular for indoor ceremonies but also for beach wedding flowers decoration for any outdoor location.

When you buy flowers directly from a farm, then you get those at an early blooming stage and they can last up to fifteen days with proper care.

Flower Care

Wedding flower ideas are incomplete without proper flower care. Here are some useful tips:-

  • Flowers are delicate. Unpack them carefully on arrival.
  • Keep them in clean vases and containers only.
  • Follow the instructions of the supplier if you use flower food. It is preferable to use spring water instead of tap water. Spring water is more clean and pure.
  • Do not retain leaves and foliage under water in your flower container. Foliage left under water gets affected by bacteria and rots quickly.
  • Flowers need at least 12 hours to hydrate after shipping. So keep them in water after you unpack them.
  • Keep the flowers in a cool and ventilated spot, away from the sunlight. Warmer temperature hastens flower decay. The cooler the temperature, the slower the petals open up and the longer they last.
  • Do not place the flowers
  • in refrigerators
  • near fruits and vegetables
  • near heating or cooling vents
  • under ceiling fans or on the top of electronic gadgets
  • Replace the container water every 2 to 3 days with clean water. Remember to keep the containers clean.
    Tips For Special Wedding Flowers Care
  • Roses – Trim about 1” off the stem from the bottom and put them in water. Just before you arrange the roses for decoration, trim the stems again and gently remove discolored petals, if any.
  • Gerberas – Gerberas are supplied in trays and with long stems. Cut the stems about 1” from the bottom and place the trays over a bucket or a can of water. Keep hydrating the flowers in the same way for several hours.
  • Rose petals – Keep the rose petals away from moisture and freezing temperature. You can place the rose petals in a refrigerator. Make sure that the fridge is frost-free.
  • Oriental lilies – Remove the stamens as the blooms open up. This will prevent staining the furniture or the clothes when they open up fully.

The Internet has plenty of resources that provide wedding flower ideas. You are just a few clicks away from novel ideas on wedding bouquets, ceremony flowers, reception flowers, etc. to name a few. You can also add your own ideas to the ones that you find informative. If you follow some great wedding flower ideas, you will have a spectacular wedding event.

Exotic Trends In Wedding Flower Bouquets

Exotic Trends In Wedding Flower Bouquets

Modern wedding flower bouquets are getting trendier than ever

Modern wedding flower bouquets are getting trendier than ever. They range from classic all white formal styles to unique designs featuring brightly colored flowers. Though fall wedding flowers have the widest choice, you can get dazzling bouquet designs in all seasons.

Most Popular Wedding Flower Bouquet styles

  • Nosegays – These are a very trendy style of bridal bouquet having a round cluster of flowers. This style dates back to 14th century, when it was used to mask unpleasant odors – thus the term ‘nosegays”. Nosegays are a popular wedding flower bouquet choice in many weddings.
  • Contemporary bouquets – These have unconventional styles with no specific styles or patterns. Contemporary bouquets stress on the individuality of the bride and are a perfect choice for a sophisticated wedding.
  • Hand tied bouquets – Florists create these wedding flower bouquets by placing the stems of flowers and accessories in their hand and wrapping them around the center until they are securely fastened.
  • Cascade bouquets – These have features that descend below the main portion of the design. Cascade bouquets are voluptuous. They are most sought after in formal and traditional weddings.

If you have a flair for do-it-yourself bouquets, go ahead with your wedding flower ideas. Nevertheless, be prepared to manage your time well.

Ordering Flowers

Not everyone has an unlimited budget. Like all aspects of a wedding, flower arrangements need careful planning. Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Q: Can I order flowers online?
A: Yes, many well known florist trade flowers via secure websites.

Q: How long do the deliveries take?
A: Generally, orders are executed within two weeks. However, the florist may entertain a shorter delivery period on your request.

Q: What if I do not like the wedding flowers?
A: Some vendors offer an unconditional money back guarantee, if the consignment is returned within ten days.

Q: What are the shipping charges?
A: Ground shipping charges range from approximately $5 to $20 in US. The exact amount will depend on the size of your order.

Q: How are the wedding flowers packed?
A: Good traders pack the assignments well to prevent damage during transit. Usually flowers are packed in a sturdy box surrounded by tissue paper and packing peanuts to avoid the flowers from being crushed.

Q: Are assembly accessories supplied with the flowers?
A: The flowers are supplied assembled exactly the way you have ordered them. Vendors however include pins for boutonnières and cortèges.

Q: What are candlelight wedding flower bouquets and snow-white candle bouquets?
A: The candlelight wedding bouquets are of soft ivory color. They convey the soft color of candle light. The snow-white wedding bouquets are pure white like snow.

Make your wedding a memorable event. The wedding flowers market today has an array of stunning collection. You can choose the wedding flower bouquets you have always dreamed of.

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Wedding Flower Arrangements

Add Elegance To Your Wedding Flower Arrangements

Flowers are an important part of weddings and so are the wedding flower arrangements. You would need to do a lot of planning to select the right wedding flowers and to decide on the wedding flower arrangements that would suit your style. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • The first step is to finalize your wedding flowers budget. You must have a clear idea so as to how much would you be willing to spend on the wedding flower arrangements.
  • The next step is to decide who will do the arrangements. You have an option to either hire a florist or do it yourself if you have the skill and inclination. However, the work involved in doing the arrangements yourself is bothersome and you may be better off hiring a florist.
  • Once the florist is decided, you have to plan the decorations in detail. It would be cheaper to go for seasonal flowers. They will be fresher and available at affordable prices. For example, for an autumn wedding, you can go for arrangements with fall wedding flowers. Fall flowers are versatile and they can be used to make charming bouquets, boutonniere, corsages and centerpieces for the wedding.
  • Use decorative accessories like satin cloth, satin ribbons, balloons, and foliage to good effect. Potted plants can be used at locations where large arrangements are required. This will give a distinctive look to the decorations and at the same time help in reducing the costs.
  • Select a theme for the wedding flower arrangements. For example, the ice white wedding theme is very popular. In this theme, the focus is on the color white. Decorations, dresses and all wedding paraphernalia are in white. White wedding flowers like white roses, white lilies and other white blooms are used in abundance. There are plenty of other themes to choose from.
  • Bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages are very important. They look better if professionally done. The arrangements need to be harmonious with your dress and other decorations.
  • Altar and aisle decorations need attention too. Your florist can suggest simple and elegant decorations for these.
  • Take special care regarding the flower decorations for the reception. They must blend with the theme of the party. Elegant centerpieces with seasonal flowers and other accessories will do the trick.
  • Last but not the least; you can also decorate the wedding cake with flowery designs.

With just a bit of planning and plenty of imagination, you can make a great success of your wedding flower arrangements.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

A Guide To Choosing Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Whichever theme you choose for your wedding, the seasonal wedding flowers set the tone for the perfect ambience. Flowers during their normal flowering period look fresh, crisp and blend superbly with the setting. Moreover, you get the best flowers at great value for money. Choose your theme and consult your florist for the best wedding flower ideas to suit your budget.

Some Facts About Seasonal Wedding Flowers

There are flowers that are available all round the year. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Roses
  • Anthuriums
  • Orchids
  • Tropical flowers
  • Lilies
  • Gerberas

There could be more, depending on where you are located. Check with your florist. He can provide you with a florist’s directory that will help you plan your flower theme in detail.

  • If you have any off-season flowers in mind, here is some good news for you. There are imports from warmer climates and there are cultivators who grow out of season flowers in glass containers. So, you have a plethora of flowers that you can choose from all round the year.
  • Take a stock of your flower budget. Exotic flowers can take a big bite out of your wedding finances. Be prudent while choosing flowers. An assortment of cheap wedding flowers, seasonal wedding flowers and plastic flowers can make a stunning combination within a reasonable budget. All that is needed is some planning, brilliant flower ideas, and a skilful florist to help you out.
  • Think twice if you have planned a DIY decoration. There is nothing like doing it yourself if you have the inclination and the skill. It is an overwhelming feeling to see the gorgeous effect of the wedding flowers arrangement done with your own hands. However, consider some facts. A wedding is an event that would require you to focus on many other issues. You are better off leaving your wedding flower work to a professional. A wedding needs many floral arrangements to be made. Just have a look at the following list:
  • Bridal bouquets
  • Bridal party bouquets
  • Boutonnières
  • Corsages
  • Guest book table arrangement
  • Flowers for the wedding cake
  • Altar and aisle arrangements

There could be many more. All the above require meticulous planning, skilful work and above all, creation of a wonderful aura. A good florist will do it all for you without any hassles.

A Brief Overview Of Seasonal Wedding Flowers

  • Winter wedding flowers – We all tend to believe that winter is a bad time for flowers. That is not so. There are many winter wedding flowers available. For instance, amaryllis looks stunning as a center table decoration and holly is just the perfect flower for a Christmas wedding. White wedding flowers blend superbly with winter themes.
  • Spring wedding flowers – Spring is the time when nature is at its best. The different types of flowers that are available during this time are innumerable. Think of brilliant tulips and fragrant hyacinths. Seasonal peonies make dazzling bouquets. Forsythia bears its yellow flowers in spring and Lily of the valley is hugely popular, though a bit expensive. Get in touch with your florist to get a glimpse of the entire range.
  • Summer flowers – Brilliant sunshine and warm weather beckons you during summer. Summer flowers can create a dazzling theme. You have lovely blue delphiniums, beautiful gladioli and columbine. In addition, there are the all-popular roses at full bloom during the summers.
  • Fall wedding flowers – Fall wedding flowers have exotic colors to match the season. Brilliant reds, fiery oranges and bright yellows blend beautifully with the season.

Every season has its own charm. Go for seasonal wedding flowers and make your wedding a day to remember.

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Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall Wedding Flowers

Create A Dazzling Theme With Fall Wedding Flowers

The diversity of fall wedding flowers during the autumn season is amazing. You can choose from a variety of popular autumn wedding flowers like asters, poinsettia, holly, iris, carnation, snowdrops, hemlock, ivy and chrysanthemums to name a few. Combine these with foliages like croton leaves and copper beech and you have decorations that can look stunning and unique. Autumn is the time when nature is at its colorful best. Flowers and foliage are available in all imaginable colors. This allows you to create a theme of fall wedding flowers that suits your style.

Popular Fall Wedding Flowers

  • White: gardenia, white peony, amaryllis, snowdrop and Bianca rose
  • Blue and purple blue: iris, agapanthus blossom, blue delphinium and grape hyacinth.
  • Burgundy and purple: magenta peony, garnet glow and Barbados.
  • Yellow and orange: narcissus, chopin, pincushion protea, gloriosa lily and floret.
  • Peach and pink: pink phlox, pink hydrangea and gerbera daisy.
  • Red and fuchsia: red hydrangea, deep red rose and red astilbe.
  • Green Foliage: hemlock, copper beech, blue spruce, grapevines, eggplant smoke bush, yellow maple and liquid amber branches.
  • Fall fruits: tallow berries, crab apples, cranberries, orange cotoneater, red nandina and fall blue berries.

Fall leaves, natural and dried grasses like wheat and rye also add to the popular choices of fall wedding decorations. The fruits and foliage can be used in abundance for decorating the window edges and archways. They also make elegant centerpiece arrangements. The decorations can also be enhanced by using colorful pottery, woven baskets, spanish moss and dried flowers. Autumn is by far the most popular time for weddings. The plethora of fall wedding flowers in autumn beckon you to create a theme in the true spirit of the season.

It is always advisable to go for seasonal wedding flowers. Choose winter wedding flowers for winter wedding and fall wedding flowers for autumn weddings. The seasonal flowers are fresh and easily available at affordable rates. They also help in keeping your wedding budget reasonable. You can even choose from an array of cheap wedding flowers as an alternative to expensive exotic flowers.

Though all seasons are unique, the flower choices during fall beat them all.

Autumn is the time to create an ambience that you always dreamed of. You will have by far the largest variety of flowers, fruits, grasses and other accessories that you could ever think of. Go ahead and indulge in myriad flower ideas. You will have everything that you would need to make this wedding a grand success. You can astonish and please all your near and dear ones with the beautiful flowery theme that you would be able to create with fall wedding flowers.

Cheap Wedding Flowers

Cheap Wedding Flowers

Cheap Wedding Flowers – For An Elegant Budget Wedding

Choosing cheap wedding flowers is a sensible way of keeping the wedding budget in control and making the occasion look dazzling at the same time. Here are some ideas for making cheap wedding flower arrangements. Choose whichever suits you the best.

  • Say yes to seasonal wedding flowers and no to exotics: Seasonal wedding flowers are always cheaper than exotic flowers like orchids or tuberoses, just to name a few. Plan a flower arrangement with seasonal flowers that are cheaper, fresher and available in plenty. For example, carnations and roses are ideal choices as cheap wedding flowers.
  • Consult your florist: A florist is a professional with expertise on flowers. Let him know about your choice and style. He will do the rest. Your florist can plan cheap wedding flowers arrangements that will not only suit your budget, but also look elegant. There is no dearth of ideas. For example, you can make use of inexpensive flowers like carnations at locations that require large arrangements.
  • Use cheap alternatives for decoration: Large potted plants can be effectively used to fill up corners and large spaces. They can be rented at a cheaper rate as compared to making your own wedding flower arrangements. Make use of low cost items such as satin cloth, satin ribbons, balloons and artificial flowers. You can create your own theme with these lesser priced decorations.
  • Do it yourself: This is a great way to save on costs. If you have the skill, all you need to do is, take the help of your close ones to get the things done. Your own flower decoration skills might lead to amazing results. However, the entire work of procuring the flowers, trimming them, keeping them fresh until the wedding and arranging them will then fall on your shoulders. Also, remember that bouquets and buttonholes look better if done by a skilled florist. Go for the do-it yourself option only after careful thought. You will need to manage your time well because a lot of other issues will also demand your attention.
  • Design unique bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids: A hand tied bouquet for the bride and corsages for the bridesmaids will help in cutting the wedding flowers costs dramatically. In case you are willing to spend a bit more, you can go for a single flower arrangement with exotic flowers for the bridal bouquet. Fashion a marvelous unique bouquet with a basket, oasis, assorted flowers and foliage.
  • Simplicity is the key: Go for simple and cheap wedding flowers. The more elaborate the arrangement is, the higher the cost goes. Exotic flowers cost more. Use exotic flowers sparsely. Be creative and you will be surprised to see how cheap wedding flowers can give that impressive look.

With wedding costs rising, you need to think of novel ways to suit your budget. Cheap wedding flowers ideas are an excellent way to save money and make your wedding an event to remember.

Beach Wedding Flowers

Beach Wedding Flowers

Beach Wedding Flowers – For Couples Who Love The Ocean

If you have planned your wedding on the beach, go ahead and choose exotic beach wedding flowers. There is nothing more romantic than a beach wedding theme.

Beach wedding themes conjure up starry-eyed thoughts that inspire many couples. The gorgeous colors of a sun dipping below the sea; the imposing sight of sunrise amid the early morning cool breeze intoxicates many couples to dream about creating a romantic wedding theme on the sand.

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Get Started

  • If you plan buying exotic flowers then the cost of beach wedding flowers will constitute a significant part of your overall wedding budget. Be prudent while choosing unique and expensive varieties. Opt for seasonal wedding flowers as far as possible.
  • Consult a beach wedding florist. He is your best guide to plan wedding flowers for the theme that is on your mind.
  • Take stock of your flower ideas. You will need flowers for your bouquets, your bridesmaid’s bouquet and any other flower decorations you have planned. Remember, the groom and groomsmen need boutonniere or lei too. If you have a Hawaiian theme in mind, leis for the guests is a good option. You will need to provide all these details to your florist.
  • Buy beach wedding flowers locally from the best florists and flower shops after careful research from the florist directory. Good florists are not just flower sellers, but also first-rate professionals. Their creativity can help you choose your theme, select your flowers and decide your decorations all within your budget.

Choosing Your Wedding Theme

The theme you select will decide the flowers for the wedding, the decoration, the invitation styles and the gifts for the guests. You can choose from a good variety of wedding themes. Some examples are, sand and surf, seashells, nautical, ocean- themed and tropical to name a few.

Getting To Know The Rules Of The Beach

This is very important. You just cannot go to any location on the sea beach with your relatives and friends and have a wedding bash. You may need to have permission from the local authorities to use the beach. Get answers to the following questions for a hassle free seaside wedding.

  • Is this a public or a private beach? If it is private, whom do I need to contact?
  • Is a wedding event permissible on this beach?
  • Are there guest rooms nearby? If yes, can they can be used by your guests?
  • Are there convenient locations nearby where the beach wedding flowers can be arranged, wedding flower bouquets kept and decorations assembled? You also need a location for preparation of food, washing dishes and toilets.
  • Is it permissible to erect a tent to protect the wedding flowers in case of rain?
  • Are you allowed to light a bonfire, if that is part of your theme?

A wedding on a sea beach is idyllic. Your friends and guests will just love it. If the entire event is planned well, be sure that the aura of the beach wedding flowers makes the event a stunning success.

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Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding Table Decorations – Some Great Ideas To Make Your Wedding Decorations Special

So you have finally got into planning your wedding and you have realized how minute details like, wedding table decorations really take up a lot of time in planning. It is the little details that require lots of attention and time. Wedding tables are the center of attention for every guest. Poorly decorated wedding tables can ruin the whole ambience.

When guests sit down at their respective wedding tables, you want them to appreciate the decorations, the thought and the effort that went into the decorations. You want your wedding table decorations to be the talk of your wedding.

Some Tips

There are plenty of wedding decorations ideas that you can use to make your table decorations exquisite and beautiful.

  1. Tea light candles in little glass boxes placed aside every table setting will give a dreamy atmosphere.
  2. You can also use large clear glass bowls filled with sand and floating candles as center pieces.
  3. To add a romantic touch to the tables you can sprinkle rose petals on tables.
  4. China that you are going to use should match the theme of your wedding decorations. For example, if you have planned an informal wedding, then simple white porcelain plates with gold or silver edges would work.
  5. If you are using simple dinnerware, then you need to use extravagant centerpieces for wedding table decorations. Gold and silver embossed vases filled with multi-colored tulip buds will complement your simple dinnerware.
  6. While focusing on wedding table decorations, you should not neglect the chairs. A good way to decorate the chairs would be to wrap them with organza ribbons in dark shades of gold or ivory. Match the table napkins with the ribbons and see the effect.


Center piece is one of the main focuses of table decorations. Floral arrangements are the most popular choice when it comes to centerpiece. While choose the flowers you need to ensure that they match with the overall theme. Then you need to decide whether you want real flowers or fake ones. You can have the best wedding decoration with both, real and fake. Next you need to decide on the vases. The vase will bring the arrangement together so make sure that you make the right selection.

As I mentioned earlier, your table decorations are incomplete without candles. You can use candles just as showpieces. If you are going to be lighting them, then make sure that you selection is right. Next you have to take care of the presentation. You can display them in glass holders. If you are not going to be lighting them, then you can wrap them with sparkly ribbons or lace.

There are no shortages of ideas relating to wedding and reception decorations. All you have to do is look around a little bit and you will come across some very creative ideas relating to wedding table decorations.

Wedding Reception Decorations

Wedding Reception Decorations

Wedding Reception Decorations – Having A Memorable Reception

Wedding reception decorations cannot be ignored because they play a crucial role in making your wedding the most memorable moment of your life. The reception is to celebrate your wedding. Your family and friends will all be there to celebrate with you. To make the moment memorable you need to create a beautiful setting for the reception.


When you are planning your wedding reception decorations, one of the first things that you would have to think about is the venue. Do you want an outdoor venue like a garden or a vineyard? Or would you prefer to go for an indoor venue. Your wedding decorations for the reception would need to match the venue. A garden setting would require different decorating ideas and items than a church reception. Moreover, you need to consider whether guests will be able to dance comfortably at the venue.

While you are paying all the attention to the venue, you should not neglect the little details. Taking care of little details is what makes wedding reception decorations work. Little details would include table settings, tablecloths, silverware, napkins, candles, etc. Does the color of the tablecloths match the overall color theme? Basically you cannot afford to ignore the little details.

Table Decorations

Tables would obviously be important part of your reception. It is okay to have an enchanting venue with a beautiful view, but without proper wedding table decorations the venue would lose its enchantment. Wedding tables are important because guests would be eating at the tables and carry on conversation. Candles, napkins, flowers, and center piece are some of things that you should consider while going through decorating ideas for wedding tables.

Wedding Cake

Wedding cake is another important aspect of the wedding reception decorations. A tall wedding cake is usually the norm. If you are having a small reception, you can order a wedding cake with fake layers of cake as a base. No one will know the difference.

When you start planning decorations for your wedding and the reception that will follow, it is a must that you always keep in view your budget. You need to plan your budget for each aspect of your wedding. Once you know how much you can spend on decorations, you can start shopping for them. If you look around you can easily find very affordable and unique wedding decorations for your wedding and reception. A very good advice to help you shop for decorations for your reception is to take a picture of the venue with you. This way you can see whether the decorations match the venue and the theme.

Careful planning goes a long way in having a beautiful wedding reception. Great planning ensures that everything is in sync. It ensures that you have a wedding that you will remember fondly. It also ensures that your wedding reception decorations fall clearly within your budget.

Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations – It Is Important To Plan And Execute Properly

On the most important day of your life you do not want anything going wrong, including your wedding decorations. You would like to have the perfect wedding. One of the key ingredients in a perfect wedding is the type of decorations you have. A perfect wedding plan keeps in mind the décor, which helps to make the event fun, memorable, and stylish.

How a wedding will be decorated will first of all depend on what the bride and groom want. The type of wedding they like to have- some like to get married on a beach while others love the idea of getting married in a beautiful garden. Basically the type of wedding decorations you will have will depend on what colors you prefer, whether you want a simple wedding or a lavish one, and most importantly on your budget.

Take Into Consideration

While planning your wedding decorations, there are few things that should be kept in mind. Location of your wedding is one of the things that you must consider when you are looking at various wedding decorations ideas. Then you also need to take into account the mood that you want to set for your wedding. Do you want a traditional wedding, a formal wedding or a casual wedding? The mood of your wedding will help in the selection of flowers, candles, balloons, and other decorating items. The decorations will also be guided by family traditions, number of guests, and time of the year.


Talking about guests- are there going to be kids at your wedding? Chances are that there are going to be some kids. Kids usually end up playing with decorations, so you do not want to use decorations that are fragile. If you are going to have lots of kids, then it is better to have a separate playing area for them.

Besides thinking about wedding decorations you should also think about wedding reception decorations. You would obviously like to celebrate with your family and friends. A well planned and decorated reception will leave a lasting impression on your friends and family members.


Wedding decorations will determine the types of flowers and candles you are going to use, how the tables will be decorated, the type of cake you will have, and other related things. The type of decorations you have for your wedding will all depend on your budget. However, to have a great wedding you do not have to spend over the moon. Great decorating ideas can get you cheap wedding decorations. You do not have to buy all the decorations, your wedding planner can tell you how to save on decorations.

A great wedding is well planned and efficiently executed. You might spend thousand of dollars on your decorations, but if you do not execute the ideas properly the outcome will not be what you expected. It is important to keep this in mind while planning your wedding decorations.