A Wedding Band Directory

A Wedding Band Directory

Bands who are willing to provide live entertainment at weddings

As the name implies a directory aimed at bands who are willing to provide live entertainment at weddings.

Bands can create a lively atmosphere for wedding receptions bringing a touch of class to the event.

When listing try to include some local venues you have worked at in the description to associate your band with the venue.

More than ever today brides are looking for something special to help make their day memorable and it goes without saying that a band can truly make that happen.

Yes you can have a disco but that never really adds that touch of class a band can bring especially with the  interaction they can have with the  audience and the passion band members have for their work.

So if you are in a band, rock, soul, funk, pop, classic disco the Wedding Band Directory can help promote your business. The directory offers a quick glimpse of the website and a description of the services offered so people looking to hire a band can find you easily.

Read more about music for weddings here

Gigs is for band members

Gigs is for band members to write articles, announce gigs or tell others a little more about  themselves so please do use this feature. All posts and links are reviewed prior to being published so keep that in mind when submitting anything to the directory.

You have the option of filling in your address to help Google maps locate you, however due to the nature of the DK boundaries changing all the time accurate markers are not always guaranteed.
Once registered check your email folders as a confirmation email will arrive within 5 minutes. This requires confirmation in order to create your listing. I hope you gain exposure and bookings and have a successful and enjoyable time.

Please do consider a link on one of your pages to the directory.

Write a portrait of the bride nest

Write a portrait of the bride nest

The shot looks great because made like some painting

The shot looks great because made like some painting. Indeed, it seems the bride with her blond curls and stylish white dress is drawn by the painter’s hand with the usage of aquarelle and brush. The bright red roses of the bouquet stand out very clearly in this whole pastel tones palette and this bouquet is the thing that looks most painted here.

Right of this special effect the whole picture looks just fantastic and so original. It really seems like some outstanding painter was invited to write a portrait of the bride nest to the fireplace and who would ever know that was actually a photographer?The shot looks great because made like some painting

Look at these two happy faces

Look at these two happy faces, they look incredibly beautiful and fun. In their vintage costumes, a bit old-fashioned way of walking and the very style of the photo there is something very attractive and appealing. They remind some stylish dandies of 1920s, someone from the Chicago. That style really fits them and they look really great in it, so organic and fashionable. One thing is also obvious: they are unique, just like no one besides them and that makes them so beautiful and adorable.bryllupsfotograf

These two look gorgeous together and their passionate kiss only proves that

These two look gorgeous together and their passionate kiss only proves that. There is so much feeling in it, so much tension and seduction as if they are going to make love right here and right now. And actually for the groom it’s more than just understandable: the bride is so smashing in all her finery, her sleeveless dress, her high coiffure and lovely white roses bouquet. She looks so seductive and pure at the same time, and undoubtedly, any man would feel happy to kiss her and it would be really hard to behave properly. But actually, since she got her prince, all other candidates are just allowed to watch, admire and envy the groom.These two look gorgeous together and their passionate kiss only proves that

Just a look at these two, they look extremely joyful

Just a look at these two, they look extremely joyful if not to say, incredibly joyful. It seems, their feelings are overfilling them so much that they can’t even hide them inside, at least the groom can’t. He is literally jumping from his happiness, just look how funny he got here. He reminds a child who got what he was asking his parents about but you know, many men very often behave like children. Anyway, he should not be blamed for that childish delight, moreover she should be praised: it means he loves his woman that much that feels extremely happy for having finally become her husband.Just a look at these two, they look extremely joyful

They are kissing under the braid

These two are adorable and the whole shot is so bright ad sunny. They are kissing under the braid tree which is a symbol of romance and love. Everything around them is so green and fresh, the spring is in its climax and al you can do is just to enjoy this wonderful time. So, do the newlyweds and they obviously have much fun of getting married in spring. What a joy thety will have later on when looking through their wedding photos!They are kissing under the braid

The photo is really nice.

It looks so homely and cozy, all the family members are here and therefore, they all are happy. To the left of the happy newlyweds, there must be bride’s relatives standing, to the right, groom’s family and in the very middle, newlyweds themselves, happy and delighted with their little son, such a new born young family. It seems, they all are filled with this happiness and love to each other, with adornment of this very day and dreams of the happy future.The photo is really nice.

That photo is great and how really happy this bride looks!

It seems she feel the happiest woman on earth when being kissed by her beloved groom. She seems so delighted and joyful, so really stunning in that tender image created by the white wedding dress and that lovely pink roses bouquet. She looks amazing and it’s hard not to notice. She is indeed happy bride and who will doubt that?That photo is great and how really happy this bride looks!

This kiss of the two looks charming

This kiss of the two looks charming, extremely gentle and beautiful. Although it’s pretty light and modest, the two behave very passionately. There is obvious passion and love between them. The groom is hugging a bride around her waist and she has tenderly put her hand on his back, how sexy that is! The place looks very romantic and the fact that it’s sunny adds joy to the photo, anyway, who would feel bad about the sunny weather and kissing on the pierce in his or her wedding day?This kiss of the two looks charming

There is so much tenderness and love in this kiss of the two

There is so much tenderness and love in this kiss of the two. They are sharing such a tender moment right now in this shot. It’s obvious they are deeply in love and that passionate kiss is the best proof of it. The place they are posing at is just breathing with life and freshness, everything is so green and vivid. They have definitely found a perfect place for the wedding shot and a perfect pose as well.

There is some chemistry between them

They are walking together, looking so really happy and being united. Even though they are not holding their hands, still there is real understanding between them, they are into each other and it is noticeable from the far away. There is some chemistry between them that can be visble even though they are not even touching each other. This chemistrty is love itself.

A Guide to Choosing a Videographer

A Guide to Choosing a Videographer

If you are planning a video of your wedding

If you are planning a video of your wedding then this should also be booked early on. As with your photography, choose a style that suits you and your wedding. Videography typically falls into two styles:


This style of video incorporates pictures of you and your fiancé(e) from babyhood to adult, momentos of the time you are marrying eg the newspaper headline that day and music of your choice. The tape is edited to approximately an hour or 90 minutes and covers the highlights of the day. Most videographers, regardless of their style, offer complete coverage of the day, at least until the dancing, and later if you require.


To some degree this echos the style of the storybook photography – a less formal style that covers the whole day. It does not usually incorporate pictures and much music (although you can request it) and films the whole day in its entirety. The final tape will be edited but not to the extent that the classic video would be. Some of the documentary style videographers are also incorporating movie making techniques to present a final edit that follows a movie format -they are great fun and a very different way of capturing your wedding day.

The Hunt for the Right Photographer

The Hunt for the Right Photographer

Find the right photographer for your wedding

  • Ensure the photographer coming to see you is the one who is available to photograph your wedding. Sounds bizarre, but it is not always the case when booking through an agency, they may send a sales person
  • Ask if the album you are seeing is all that particular photographer‘s work.
  • Ask to see an album of a recent wedding in its entirety. We can all pick out 20 of our best holiday snaps and look like David Bailey!
  • Ask what is included in the price ie an album, reprints, framed picture, travel, postage etc
  • If you are marrying late in the day in winter, ask to see pictures from other late weddings that took place with little to no available light.
  • Ask how many cameras they carry on the day.
  • Do they view the venue beforehand on the day to pick out all the best spots for photos in either sunshine or rain?
  • Check and compare their reprint prices.

Different Styles of Photography

Photographers these days have a number of different styles of taking pictures to convene with the increasing number of wedding styles that take place. Here is a rough guide:

The main styles are:


This style focuses mainly on posed pictures before the wedding, at the church/ceremony venue and at the beginning of the reception. If perfectly posed and well-styled photographs of yourselves and your family are important to you, this would be the most suitable style of photography for your wedding. If you also feel that you would be more comfortable following the lead from a photographer than being captured unawares, the formal or classic portrait photographer is for you. He or she will tell you where and how to stand, how to smile and where to look – guaranteeing perfect pictures. This style of photography is also certain to stage every group shot you require – no important family member will be missed or pictured with their eyes closed or hat tilted! These pictures are presented hand mounted in a leather album.


A slightly more relaxed style than the Formal photography. It still incorporates group shots but the photographer will also shoot some less formal and impromptu pictures. The photographer will also stay on to cover speeches and first dance (and beyond if you require) as part of this photography package. Some black and white pictures are usually included in this style.

Storybook, reportage

An increasingly popular way of photographing weddings – a totally informal and more relaxed approach is the style of this wedding photography. A mixture of black and white and colour shots that cover everything from getting ready to leaving at the end of the reception. You normally purchase all of the pictures in this package (you pay per film used on the day) and they are not usually mounted in an album. If you want every moment captured (attractive and not so attractive) and would enjoy mounting 200+ photos into an album of your choice, this style is for you.

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Photographer testimonials

Photographer testimonials

The photographer is an experienced photographer

The photographer is an experienced photographer who has embraced the latest technology. He believes that capturing emotion is the key to creating the perfect storybook of the most important day of your life, a grooms’ first glance of his wife to be , the look of pride on a fathers face as he walks his daughter down the aisle, a knowing smile between husband and wife , are moments that cannot be rehearsed.

Relaxed reportage style

He works quickly and unobtrusively with his relaxed reportage style, so that you are free to enjoy your celebrations with family and friends.

He covers the entire day, allowing him to capture the many facets of your wedding, from the brides preparations through to the reception and the first dance, recording events as they unfold, and his packages represent excellent value.

He attends rehearsals and visits locations in advance so that nothing is left to chance, the result is a stunning collection of images that capture your day perfectly.

Here are a small selection of the many testimonials he has received

‘The photos are fantastic, you have managed to capture every aspect of our day beautifully’ Subhani and Ben

‘What a wonderful surprise we had when we returned from our honeymoon. The pictures are just superb and really tell the story of our day. Sarah and John

‘ Perfect, we could not have wished for a better photographer and the photographs you have produced are wonderful ‘ Emma and Matthew

Do you want to become a Wedding Photographer?

Do you want to become a Wedding Photographer?

1-on-1 photography training courses

Soon, we will be offering 1-on-1 photography training courses to aspiring wedding photographers who need help and advice to get them started in the business. Take a look at our section on photography training and then send us an email to indicate your interest and we will contact you when our course details are complete.

Copenhagen Wedding Photographer – Sjælland Wedding Photographer – Lyngby Wedding Photographer

Our Copenhagen wedding photographer covers Copenhagen and The South and our Midlands wedding photographer, cover Sjælland, The Midlands and our photographer in Lyngby cover the rest of Denmark We work together to continually improve our techniques and service levels. We have a range of wedding photography packages and each package can be configured to meet your exact needs – we cover all of the DK without any travel charges.During the process of getting to and through any dream event

Price, Package & More Information

  • Price & Packages Wedding Packages
  • Current News: Read our Wedding Photography Blog
  • More of our work:  Photography Gallery
  • Check Availability & Request a Free Quotation

Event photography

Event photography across DK; Our event photographers provides the best event photography around. If you need event photographers for your high profile Corporate Event Photography or Commercial Photography needs then we can help. Our corporate event photographers have photographed everything from charity balls to launch parties and corporate head-shot portraits. No matter what your event photography needs, we can provide an experienced, professional event photography team. Our event photographs cover all of the UK.

Marriage Licenses and paperwork

Marriage Licenses and paperwork
– Marriage Licenses and paperwork
– Donation to Minister or wedding officiate
– Hall Rental, location, destination (church/ceremony location & reception)
– Brides Dress
– Personal care and grooming for the couple and wedding party, Hair and Nails, accessories and final touches
– Groom Tuxedo Rental
– Gratuities for Bridesmaids and Ushers (Optional)
– Caterer
– Cake, Flowers and Centre Pieces
– Photographer, video-grapher, video-diaries, one-shot table-top, disposable cameras etc.
– Décor & Decorations
– Entertainment, Champagne, DRINKS AND BAR
– Limo and ground-transportation
– Favors and Accents

You can go an extremely long way for DREAM WEDDING IDEAS, THEME WEDDINGS… OR NOT VERY FAR AT ALL! JUST A little bit of creativity and resourcefulness in your decorations ideas can make all the difference!


Dream Themed Weddings give you the peace of mind and flexibility

Dream Themed Weddings give you the peace of mind and flexibility to have a PERFECT and GREAT day, despite and regardless of all of the above! When planning your DREAM THEME WEDDING, not all of us have endless means and money at our disposal.

Do price out, itemize and have some contingency funds available for last-minutes things, additions and crisises that might cross your path or you did not plan for.

When it comes to food and theme weddings, you need to pay closer attention to what you are putting on the plates, tables and into the mouths of your guests! It does not have to break or hurt your budget!

Wedding planners and professional niche specialist

Wedding planners and professional niche specialist, themed wedding generalists, know-how artistes are at our disposal. Online planners, software, magazines, books, guides, chats, blogs, brides-to-be forums are all there to help out with making your DREAM THEMED WEDDING come true.

There are many tools and people to rely on as you get ready for and through your dream themed wedding.

Wedding are extra special occasions and for most ONE

Wedding are extra special occasions and for most ONE, if not the important day in their lives. Stress, tension, planning, priorities, details, decisions, confirmations, information, pricing, lists, to do’s, checklists and more all occupy time, energy and efforts. Sometimes it is so easy to start feeling that things are getting out of control, lose your firm grip on what is where, who is coming and who is giving or doing what, that having it all in one convenient spot, like an organizer or wedding software solution on a laptop or mobile is just what the wedding-planner ordered and the bride-to-be needs.

Amidst all the chaos, small touches, favors, theme-related choices, wedding day things to take care of, you can also look at ways to make your life and tasks easier, more fun and smart!

Practical Advice for Themed Weddings

Practical Advice for Themed Weddings

wedding or themed wedding event

During the process of getting to and through any dream event , especially a wedding or themed wedding event, you will encounter a mix-bad of planning and activity frenzy, emotions, frustrations, challenges and ‘un-fore-seen’ happening in, between and around you. The latter and obstacles often doubling with a themed wedding, just due to all the complexity and multi-faceted nature you are adding to it.

You need to plan for contingencies

You need to plan for contingencies (for when things go horribly wrong). Some would argue that themed weddings are risky. There are however arsenals of resources available that can help protect your special wedding day and dream themed wedding. You can make your dreams a reality and your event wonderful, by following a few rules of thumb, etiquette and practical know-how to pull off a successful THEMED WEDDING.


Choosing a theme?
Knowing the budget?

Which one comes first? That is entirely up to you and personal preference and means will most likely dictate, as will whether you are hosting and staging it yourself (DYI) wedding or utilizing the services of a wedding planner or planners, niche specialty providers, packages or customizing it from A to Z. Quality, affordability, themed décor, color, menus and other, might make discussions about financials actually a little easier – especially if things are tight. It is easier to talk about other things that the actual price tag – but if you deal with all these issues in the same unthreatening context, like provided here, many a family will attest to this under-sung and underestimated value of THEME WEDDINGS.

Extravagant or shoe-string and everything in-between and beyond is possible. Some set limits, others go all out and do not care how much they spend or need. This ONE example carries a budget of a meager $ 7,500 dollars all-inclusive for 150 guests! Sounds too good to be true? Stay tuned.

Just make the wedding of a lifetime

Just make the wedding of a lifetime

From there onward it becomes easier most believe to pull threads together to make the wedding of a lifetime

From there onward it becomes easier most believe to pull threads together to make the wedding of a lifetime, orchestrate, gel, come together, synergize, coordinate and fall into place. Everything adding its collective and individual splendor and magic to the overall, holistic event.

Cultural undertones, tradition, language, rites

Cultural undertones, tradition, language, rites, rituals, Scottish or Irish themes, Celtic heritage, A French wedding, or just something you both enjoy, or places, people, worlds you are fascinated by, visit, want to go, cherish, share, bring together, such as country, western or mediaeval fantasies, all become possible. The sky is the limit!
Processes, place, protocol, details and more need to be confirmed and taken care of one by one, to ensure smooth sailing on the day.

  • How far will you take the theme
  • How much are you willing, can you spend on making it real, building this dream location and staging the perfect event
  • What is most, more and least, not important – cut the things you do not need and/or can do without
  • Do not overkill or use to much, as it might seem tacky or overcompensating, indulgent etc.
  • In all you do, spare a thought for your guests as well
  • Be appropriate and considerate, regardless of the theme (would you want to see your grandmother in a hula and a bikini top??) select your dress-code and requirements of/from your guests with the utmost of care – what might sound like a great idea to you, might just terrify your guests to the point of them declining to attend, not show up or not be part of the festivities at all.
    .. and much MORE!
When it comes to cakes, décor and favors for theme weddings, there are lots on offer:
  • Themed wedding cakes, elaborate baking sensations, samples, reputation, decorations can all be done
  • Cake topper, icing or piped flowers, jewels , cut wedding cake in little boxes, netting etc. with the couple’s names, date of the wedding can all be a nice touch, without having to spend too much
  • Miniature versions of the cake, samples and sampling of the menu items, proofs of the prints all cost a little extra, but is worth it, to give you a better idea on how the individual smaller elements will be coming together.

The theme can also be carried right into and throughout the reception, after-parties, table decorations etc.

Make and have all individual and collective elements, incorporate and accentuate your theme, expand and underline it at every opportunity that you can find.
  • Princess, cinderella theme wedding
  • fall wedding theme – leaves, colors, harvest foods, smells,
  • beach party or night-time, sunset wedding on a remote, isolated beach with a campfire and a few intimate friends
  • butterfly wedding theme
  • summer wedding theme
  • western wedding theme
  • formal, tuxedo-style, black and white wedding theme with sit-down, plated dinner, gowns and the whole nine-yards
  • hawaiian theme wedding
  • winter wedding theme
  • tropical theme wedding
  • asian wedding theme
  • fairy tale wedding theme
  • spring wedding theme
  • Flowers, rose, orchids, lilies or daisy theme wedding
  • Elizabethan wedding theme
  • wedding color and combination type themes
  • tiffany blue wedding theme
  • las vegas theme wedding
  • garden theme wedding
  • fall wedding theme idea
  • calla lily wedding theme
  • angel theme wedding
  • precious moment wedding theme
  • country theme wedding
  • Greek wedding theme
  • halloween theme wedding
  • pink wedding theme
  • prom wedding theme
  • italian wedding theme
  • nautical theme wedding
  • outdoor wedding theme
  • movie wedding theme
  • victorian theme wedding
  • disney wedding theme
  • ocean and water theme wedding
  • holiday or christmas wedding theme
  • irish theme wedding
  • Spanish theme wedding
  • TV show wedding theme
  • Space
  • Under the ocean, sea or in the water, on a boat, cruise-liner
  • Extremes (volcano, skydiving, scuba-diving etc.)

    And more, more and more, even etnic, cultural, popular wedding locations and destinations are all named and discussed.

What truly matters is NOT WHERE, but who is there

What truly matters is NOT WHERE, but who is there, why they are there, that you share your special day with them, the ones you love and cherish and remember it for a lifetime. Weddings can and do take place almost anywhere and everywhere!
Choices of locations , places, ceremonies, receptions, parties (pre/post) can be daunting a task, overwhelming at best and most of the time, BUT it does not have to be. You need to opt for your theme, type of wedding you want.
GET peace of mind with and for THEMED WEDDINGS – tick ONE MORE THING OFF THE TO DO LIST!


  • Asian: backyard, banquet hall, restaurant, house, resort, conference center, pagoda, temple, and any or every where else, in-between!
  • Beach: backyard, beach, and hall that allows themed weddings
  • Cowboy: local ranch or farm, backyard, parks, local hiking trails
  • Hawaiian: Local beach (get permits), backyard, a nearby recreational space, stadium, hall, park, and even at a lake, stream or river
  • Winter Wonderland: decorated hall or banquet room, backyard, or your local outdoor skating rink

You will have a flawless complete wedding celebration

You will have a flawless complete wedding celebration
You will have a flawless complete wedding celebration underway, guaranteed and to boot, it will be completely unique and memorable, done for a mere fraction of the cost! IT WILL BE ALL ABOUT AND FOR YOU!

Through the use of a theme

Through the use of a theme YOU for once, are in the position of communicating with your guests, way before the couple and day, event even arrives. It shares with them and all something about you and things that you love, cherish and prefer. It should showcase a little bit of your personality, what attracted you to each other, tell a story of your love etc. If you both love a certain sport, maybe a sport theme will be OK (watch our girls and boys!) or if you met on an island vacation, on the beach, an island or beach theme for your wedding will be perfect, celebrating the first moments you encountered, met and fell in love.

Ahhh, a sunset, sand between your toes, slight breeze – OK, no bikini’s here for wedding-dress OK (unless you are on the beach of course and it is your preference!) All the power to you…Once you have opted for your ultimate personal and overall wedding theme, the backdrop and coordinating, silver thread if you will that will tie in every little detail of your special day, into a spectacular event, all elements can be quite easily and successfully be tied into this one, sole theme with relative ease. There are myriads of products available out there, including the wedding favors and gifts , to make it MORE memorable and coordinated!

Ask and answer for yourself what you would need for your wedding and make the choices according to your theme.DIY Wedding

Colors, tastes, sounds, music, décor, food and drink, favor

Colors, tastes, sounds, music, décor, food and drink, favor, fabric etc. all start to come together nicely in a tidy package, once you put your mind to it.
Think about what and how each decision you make , can make your theme come to life and have this personal wedding event of all time, just the way you want and like it to be.

If you are having and Asian wedding for example, there are numerous sites online and niche providers that can assist you with Asian designs, favors, fabrics, tastes and extravagances, music and flavors to please, tantalize, invite and spoil your guests and the wedding couple with! For the tables and reception, think fortune cookies, chopsticks and take-out boxes, fortune cookie place-card holder, or metallic / silver take-out box that has the names of the couple engraved on it.

Find TWO KEY, illustrative ideas and examples from themed weddings that can also save you some money if you are planning and doing things on your own for your dream wedding on a tight budget

How about flowers being the theme of your wedding – multi-colored, one-colored, two-toned, pastels, reds, pinks, yellow, orange, yellow and green, you name it, there are possibilities!

For favors, tables, décor, decorations, arrangements, even bouquets, candy-holders, place-card holders, candles, tea-lights and candy that are shaped in that particular flower and so on are all doable and requires little effort for maximum impact. Combining themes like winter, holidays and flowers might have you opting for greenery and red and gold colors like bells and holly wreaths or maybe even some birds to add that festive touch beyond the ordinary!

When it comes to themed weddings and party favors

When it comes to themed weddings and party favors, that everyone will adore, love and cherish, useful and elegant you do not have to spend an arm and a leg. Lots of dollar stores, hobby stores and craft centers, even fabric stores will have lots to choose from to add that special touch to your themed wedding. that are elegant and in keeping with your overall theme and yet can still be useful after the wedding. Good ideas and creative inspiration will characterize your personalizing your wedding day. The choice of a theme will set your imagination on flight – make your dream wedding day come true, now , tomorrow and forever!