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I Have Never Played Bachelorette Games

Bachelorette games are not just about playing games, but getting to know certain things about your friends that you had never known. Isn’t this exciting? Even more exciting is this particular game “I Have Never.” It will make you soak in the wonderful bachelorette party night and you won’t come to know when time flew off the window! Supplies - An Unlimited Requirement

The Best Of All Bachelorette Games

The game that we’re going to tell you about is the favorite of all party animals. And if your group of girlfriends come from diverse backgrounds, then this game becomes more fun. Make this your drinking game. If your party is for tee-totallers, then use pennies or candies. Both ways, you’re gonna have fun!

  • Ask everyone to sit in a circle.
  • Hand them 10 pieces of pennies or candy or a drink.
  • Each one takes turns in making statements that start with “I have never.”
  • They will end their statement disclosing something they haven’t done before.
  • The bride-to-be may start first. However, make sure that everyone is honest in their statements.
  • Say, the bride-to-be states, “I have never done pole dancing.”
  • The fun starts now! Those girls in the circle, who have tried pole dancing before will have to take a drink or place a penny or candy in the middle of the circle and do pole dancing!Bachelorette Games

There can be many “I have never’s” such as

  • “I have never roamed around the house hopping on one leg.”
  • “I have never stayed awake after 2 am.”
  • “I have never operated the mouse with my left hand.”
  • “I have never talked on the phone with an upside-down pose.”

There are many more exciting as well as bizarre things that are yet to be done! Include them in your bachelorette party themes and add to the fun!

This is one of the bachelorette games that will make sure everyone has a fabulous time. You may even learn a skill or two. For example, if someone in the group admits she never wore false eyelashes, the girls who know the art will show how to wear them. You can observe them and learn it!


In case you’re having drinks in your game, make sure nobody will be driving back home on their own. Either call a cab, let some non-drinker drive them home, or let them stay over.

Also, do not forget to mention bachelorette games in your bachelorette party invitations. However, keep the game a secret. Just a hint is enough to arouse curiosity and make your guests look forward to your party.

Think fun; think bachelorette games.

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