Bachelorette Party Favors

Adorable And Edible Bachelorette Party Favors!

It’s time to unleash your imagination and pick some of the greatest bachelorette party favors! The edible ones are even more adorable. Before that, here are examples of non-edible favors that would light up the faces of your guests.

A sexy thong, body dust, a set of glittering nail polishes, make-up kit, sexy lingerie, Asian style silk slippers, kits packed with essential oils and lotions, hair bands embedded with rhinestones, certificates for spa treatments and other beauty workouts, potted herb or ornamental plants, and much more. Party Favors

Edible Bachelorette Party Favors

To make your bachelorette party more interesting, include some edible items as favors in your party. And no, you aren’t gonna present these mouth-watering tidbits as a sole gift; you’re gonna combine them with some “wowey” bachelorette party gifts to make it an exclusive favor package for your guests. Here’s a list of certain delectables that would make your guests drool over the table.

  • Candy Hearts – these candies have “love” “sweetie pie” and other such mushy words inscribed on them. Fill them in handmade boxes or fancy jars or hide them in gift baskets.
  • Fresh Fruits – why not add a fruit or two in the box containing make-up kit? It symbolizes that beauty comes from both inside (by what you eat) and outside (through the make-up that you apply).
  • Animal Crackers – fill a decorative favor box with homemade animal crackers. Tie this box with satin ribbon in wedding colors. You can use rubber stamps in the shape of animals for further decoration.
  • Wedding Cake – slice your wedding cake as one of the bachelorette party favors. Place each piece in a pure white box with a colored ribbon on it. You can attach a note with the message “Love is sweet.”
  • Dried Fruits and Nuts – this is one of the most economical and graceful bachelorette party favors. Use small mason jars or small cellophane bags with ribbon for these.
  • Muffin Cups – ever had those button-sized yummy chocolates sprinkled with white sugar? Well, they’re simply delicious and are a great idea for party favors! Use muffin cups made of white paper and fill the chocolates in them. Use a swatch of tulle to wrap them and tie with a satin ribbon in wedding colors.

There are endless ideas for edible bachelorette party favors. It all depends on the type of party you wish to have and your creativity. Whether they are bachelorette party invitations, themes, or favors, do not forget to check out the tastes and preferences of the bride-to-be before making arrangements for the wild night.

The right bachelorette party favors can add extra essence to your bachelor’s night.

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