Bachelorette Party Invitation

Bachelorette Party Invitation That Makes Your Guests Attend The Party!

A bachelorette party invitation does not usually have a theme. So, it’s easy to design a card, yet many people are perplexed on how to start doing it. The following tips will help you make your job easier and more enjoyable.

Bachelorette Party Invitation That Makes Your Guests Attend The Party!

8 Tips To Create An Eye-Grabbing Bachelorette Party Invitation

  • The two most important elements of a bachelorette party are a light atmosphere and fun. Insert them in your invitation card as well. No serious tones, please.
  • Write something on the card that arouses instant interest. For instance, “Wanna play naughty? Come to the party!” or “There’re chances of meeting your Prince Charming during the party” or just as straightforward as “There are gonna be male strippers at the party!”
  • Design your bachelorette party invitation card in shapes other than the boring squares and rectangles. Shape them as cheese plates, or martini glasses, or a flowing wedding gown, or even a limousine! As soon as the recipient holds the card in her hand, she’ll want to come to the party!
  • Wanna be really naughty? Design the card in the shape of a condom. Before implementing this idea, check out whether all your guests are okay with adult humor.
  • Paste a photo of the bride in a hilarious situation at the front of the card for attracting attention as well as interest to attend the party and meet the bride-to-be!
  • The details of the party are to be mentioned at the back side of the bachelorette party invitation. You also need to mention your choice of bachelorette party themes in the card so that guests can prepare accordingly.
  • Besides bachelorette party favors, do not forget to show your gratitude by sending a “Thank You” card to the guests for sharing moments of joy with the bride-to-be.

Designing bachelorette party invitation should not be taken upon as another wedding chore. It should be something that lightens up your mood and gives you a break from the other chores. There’s no special skill required to design invitation cards. Just a little bit of creativity can do huge wonders!

So, how do you want to have fun? Is it a night full of pampering and relaxation that gives you pleasure? Or are you desperate to freak out at night and have a blast? Whatever may be your idea of fun; send bachelorette party invitation cards to your friends who want the same fun and enjoyment!

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