Bachelorette Party Themes

Bachelorette Party Themes That Will Make Your Party Different!

Bachelorette party themes have the power to make your party more enjoyable and a completely different experience. So, if you want 100 percent fun with no exceptions, read on to pick some popular party themes.Bachelorette Party Themes That Will Make Your Party Different!

Black And White Bachelorette Party

We know you love colors, especially when it’s your wedding. However, why not try black ‘n’ white combo? Dress the bride-to-be in pure white and all her friends in sheer black. Okay, if you wanna add some color, go for red for the bride-to-be. The idea is to let the bride-to-be stand out in the crowd. A white dress or blouse looks great with all the bridesmaids in black cocktail dresses.

Guy-Watchers’ Party

Why not spend the entire party time rating the men? This theme works when you’re partying outdoors, either in a night club, bar, or some restaurant. Prepare cards and give them numeric value, usually a scale of 1-10. You can add phrases like “cool”, “avoidable”, “irresistible”, and other such words. When the party starts and you start mingling with the guys at the club or bar, you can have all your friends rate them. If you’re sitting in a restaurant or by the pool, watch guys pass by and rate them. It’s pure fun, believe me!

Playing Naughty

Nothing catches as much attention as a bunch of naughty school girls walking on the streets! Hey, so why not dress up in plaid skirts, don pigtails, light makeup and hit the streets? Remember Britney Spears and her sexy schoolgirl look? Well, it’s time to be Britney! This is one of the most successful bachelorette party themes. You can play numbers like ‘School’s out for Summer’ or any other that goes with the theme.

The 70’s Disco Theme

Bring out your bell bottoms, wear an afro or straighten your hair, and fetch your favorite disco number – you’re ready to rock! You can even play classic rock songs. bachelorette party themes that involve playing movies and music are best when you’re partying at home. Log on to eBay and you’ll come across some fine classic 70s and 80s slap bracelets. You can burn CDs and gear up for the party. You can even hold a competition and present bachelorette party gifts to the best dancers.

There are umpteen number of bachelorette party ideas. Shed your inhibitions and think out of the box. This is the time to do something weird that you’d always wanted to do! Throw such a party that the bride-to-be remembers it with a naughty smile even after years of marriage. Got some more bachelorette party themes?

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