Be Ready For Wedding Emergencies

Having a little bag that you could carry For Wedding Emergencies

Having a little bag that you could carry (or have somebody from the wedding party carry) together with you through the wedding day can sometimes keep you from having to worry about stuff that can happen, and working with them when they do.Be Ready For Wedding Emergencies


Despite the fact that everybody is feeling wonderful on the wedding day, it’s incredible what a handful of nerves can do to the body. Headaches, upset stomachs, and lightheadedness may all rear their unsightly heads right when you are feeling the most stress.

The most severe part is the fact that one of the guests could be feeling uncomfortable as well. To correct these issues, you may want to prepare some liquid antacids or possibly some ginger ale and crackers in the event that one or two guests experience abdominal upsets. Preparing acetaminophen would certainly be sufficient for anyone battling a headache. It is in reality safer to the stomach in comparison to ibuprofen because you may take it with or without food.

Wooziness can be brought on by a lot of factors for example hypoglycemia, nervousness or additional medical ailments. If the bride or even the groom or any kind of guests really feel dizzy, you are able to provide them with smelling salts.

For anyone suffering from sore feet as a result of tight shoes, band-aids would be all you need.

Beauty Fixes

To the ladies, you might like to have a few beauty tools to help keep everyone looking their best. Spare lip gloss and balm are fantastic to help keep the lips looking great. A translucent face powder will keep the nose and brow from shining. Always maintain a small bottle of clear nail polish at the same time. This really is great for fixing rhinestones which have fallen off gowns to sealing tears in tights.

A small brush and mirror will also help, while hairspray and additional deodorant can also be nice to possess available. Bobby pins might help most hair crises, but a curling iron is often an asset also.


It’s amazing what you might need and never think about. For example, did you think to bring additional straight pins for the actual corsages or in case the bouquets fell apart? A small sewing kit is nice too in order to repair any modest problems.

A stain remover must also be thought of when a dress may be discolored. In the event the bridal gown has been stained, this can be fixed by means of chalk.

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