Beach Wedding Decorations

Beach Wedding Decorations – Some Simple Ideas To Have A Memorable Beach Wedding

Finding beach wedding decorations is not so hard these days because beach wedding have become quite popular. If you are getting married on a beach, you can have the same theme for the reception without actually having a reception on the beach. In other words, have a wedding on the beach and then use beach decorations for the reception.

Tips For Your Beach Wedding

There are many stores, both retail and online that specialize in beach wedding decorations. There are all sorts of beach decorations that you can use to decorate your reception venue with.

  • You can use sea shells of various shapes and sizes to decorate tables and even your wedding cake.
  • If you want to add beach theme to your reception decorations, nothing works like drift wood. However, make sure that you place them where no one trips over them.
  • Want another wedding decorations idea that would add the true beach feel to your wedding and reception? Star fish when strategically placed can really bring alive the beach environment. You can hang them with fishing line or place them on walls.
  • Place nets on the walls and then hang star fish, shells and buoys on them.
  • Rope, oars and anchors hanging from the walls and nets add the real beach touch.
  • Use pearls to decorate shells, star fish and other decorations.
  • If your reception is indoors, you can still bring the beach inside. Sprinkle sand on the floor and see your guests admire the environment and the idea.

These helpful beach wedding decorations tips will help you creating a real beach environment for your wedding and reception.

Centerpieces For Beach Wedding

The decorations are incomplete without centerpieces. Perfect beach wedding decorations for centerpieces include starfish, flowers and crystal or glass bowls filled with beach related things. Crystal or glass bowls can be filled with sand, pearls, marbles, small sea shells and even star fish. If you are having a beach wedding, you can then use tropical flowers as centerpieces.


Along with all the decorations do not forget to add beach music to the list. A beach wedding without beach music is incomplete. You can play beach music like Beach Boys or Jan and Dean to enliven the environment. Another great idea would be dress up waiters in Hawaiian shirts. This would add the final touches to your beach decorations.

Finally your wedding ceremony decorations and reception decorations would also depend on your religion. For example, decorations for Christian church weddings are very different from Indian wedding decorations. However, you can easily find decorations for both types of weddings or any other type of wedding.

Getting married on the beach is really a romantic and a very memorable experience. With the right beach wedding decorations, you will remember this moment for the rest of your lives and so would the guests.

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