Beach Wedding Flowers

Beach Wedding Flowers – For Couples Who Love The Ocean

If you have planned your wedding on the beach, go ahead and choose exotic beach wedding flowers. There is nothing more romantic than a beach wedding theme.

Beach wedding themes conjure up starry-eyed thoughts that inspire many couples. The gorgeous colors of a sun dipping below the sea; the imposing sight of sunrise amid the early morning cool breeze intoxicates many couples to dream about creating a romantic wedding theme on the sand.

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Get Started

  • If you plan buying exotic flowers then the cost of beach wedding flowers will constitute a significant part of your overall wedding budget. Be prudent while choosing unique and expensive varieties. Opt for seasonal wedding flowers as far as possible.
  • Consult a beach wedding florist. He is your best guide to plan wedding flowers for the theme that is on your mind.
  • Take stock of your flower ideas. You will need flowers for your bouquets, your bridesmaid’s bouquet and any other flower decorations you have planned. Remember, the groom and groomsmen need boutonniere or lei too. If you have a Hawaiian theme in mind, leis for the guests is a good option. You will need to provide all these details to your florist.
  • Buy beach wedding flowers locally from the best florists and flower shops after careful research from the florist directory. Good florists are not just flower sellers, but also first-rate professionals. Their creativity can help you choose your theme, select your flowers and decide your decorations all within your budget.

Choosing Your Wedding Theme

The theme you select will decide the flowers for the wedding, the decoration, the invitation styles and the gifts for the guests. You can choose from a good variety of wedding themes. Some examples are, sand and surf, seashells, nautical, ocean- themed and tropical to name a few.

Getting To Know The Rules Of The Beach

This is very important. You just cannot go to any location on the sea beach with your relatives and friends and have a wedding bash. You may need to have permission from the local authorities to use the beach. Get answers to the following questions for a hassle free seaside wedding.

  • Is this a public or a private beach? If it is private, whom do I need to contact?
  • Is a wedding event permissible on this beach?
  • Are there guest rooms nearby? If yes, can they can be used by your guests?
  • Are there convenient locations nearby where the beach wedding flowers can be arranged, wedding flower bouquets kept and decorations assembled? You also need a location for preparation of food, washing dishes and toilets.
  • Is it permissible to erect a tent to protect the wedding flowers in case of rain?
  • Are you allowed to light a bonfire, if that is part of your theme?

A wedding on a sea beach is idyllic. Your friends and guests will just love it. If the entire event is planned well, be sure that the aura of the beach wedding flowers makes the event a stunning success.

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