Blue Wedding Theme

Blue Wedding Theme – “Something Blue” For A Special Wedding

The color ‘blue’ has always been a favorite among brides since ages and the blue wedding theme has naturally evolved from this. There are different shades of blue which you could choose from depending on the ambience you wish to create. Different shades of blue can be used in summer and winter weddings successfully. A light blue is always linked with cold and can be combined with white or silver for a perfect winter wedding. Blue is also equally effective in a summer wedding theme when mixed with sandy brown, aqua green or even lemon yellow for a summery beach wedding. Asian theme weddings may also include the color ‘blue’ in their scheme of colors.

Ways To Incorporate “Something Blue” Into Your Wedding Theme

Since olden days, it has always been considered auspicious to have something of the color ‘blue’ in the attire of the bride. A blue wedding theme can use many ways to include this color in the décor of the entire wedding. Blue can be added to the wedding favors as blue ribbons or blue and white favor boxes in lieu with the wedding theme. Goblets with blue crystal detailing on the stems can be used to toast the bridal couple. In accordance with the blue wedding theme, the bride could wear a spectacular blue hat that matches her bridal gown.

Popular Blue Wedding Themes

The color ‘blue’ has so many variations within it self and two of the trendy gradients which are now largely being used are Aqua Blue and Tiffany Blue.

  • Aqua blue wedding: The aqua blue wedding often paired with pearls, silver or creamy roses are extremely pleasing to the eyes and a treat to behold. Another favorite blue wedding theme is a beach wedding theme created by combining aqua blue with colors of the beach like sandy brown, aqua green, fuchsia or coral. Chocolate brown is also lately being combined with aqua blue for an interesting look.
  • Tiffany blue wedding: The reason for the growing popularity of the Tiffany blue is due to its extreme versatility which helps you to create a wedding theme that can be either elegant or casual. The well known fact that gifts wrapped in Tiffany blue are beautiful and shiny can be copied in your blue wedding theme by having a blue invitation with a platinum or silver ribbon. A casual look can be created for your blue wedding theme by pairing the blue with a yellow ribbon or daisy.

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