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Personalized bridesmaids gifts such as cashmere scarves, personalized bridesmaid’s jewelry or other bridal accessories are always valuable as sentimental gifts once the wedding is over. Remember as you shop for a bridesmaid gift that you are buying gifts to honor friends that you treasure, make sure that your bridesmaids gifts are as unique as your friends themselves.Brides Wedding Tips

What to DO

— Have a pre-wedding consultation with a professional makeup artist to know ahead of time what to use

— Do your makeup before dressing

— When applying your makeup wear a button shirt that can be easily removed when its time to dress.

— Have your makeup done as close to the ceremony as possible

— Get a facial two weeks prior to your wedding. If never had a facial before try this 3 months prior to your wedding.

— If using foundation, be sure to have an exact match to your skin tone

— Use powdered rice papers to eliminate any shine

— Use a light to medium lipstick that is long wearing. If you will be having black and white photos then add a layer of

   lip gloss

— Exfoliating your lips will result in your lipstick lasting longer

— Use translucent powder to set your makeup

— Blend, blend, and blend again to make sure all your makeup is smooth and even.

— If you are prone to red eyes use eye drops prior to the ceremony

— Use water proof mascara just incase the tears of joy appear

— Charcoal, navy, or mahogany are your best options for eyeliner. Black or brown may look too severe, especially if

   your wedding will be held during the daytime and/or outdoors.

— Place a towel over your head prior to slipping into your gown to avoid getting makeup on your gown.

— Don’t forget your blush! A bit of color on your cheeks is like an instant facelift.

— If you’ve had your hair professionally done and you will be removing your veil, then have the stylist show your mom

   or bridesmaids how to fix your hairstyle.

— A week before your wedding practive with your makeup – practice, practice, and practice some more, until you

   perfect the look you want for your wedding day.

— Get a pedicur at least a week prior to your wedding to ensure you are not dealing with dry or ragged nails

— If your wearing sandals then about a month before your wedding start your foot treatment so your feet look as good

   as the rest of you.

What NOT to DO

— Do not do your own makeup. Have a professional makeup artist or a friend do it. Let your loved ones pamper you!

— Keep your foundation Light for overall evenness is best.

— Don’t use shiny or shimmering products on dry skin

— Don’t overuse lip gloss

— Don’t have a facial within the previous 48 hours of your wedding. Facials can occasionally have unexpected results

— Don’t pop any pre-wedding pimples, instead use Visine to take the red out.

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