Bachelorette Party Themes

Bachelorette Party Themes

Bachelorette Party Themes That Will Make Your Party Different!

Bachelorette party themes have the power to make your party more enjoyable and a completely different experience. So, if you want 100 percent fun with no exceptions, read on to pick some popular party themes.Bachelorette Party Themes That Will Make Your Party Different!

Black And White Bachelorette Party

We know you love colors, especially when it’s your wedding. However, why not try black ‘n’ white combo? Dress the bride-to-be in pure white and all her friends in sheer black. Okay, if you wanna add some color, go for red for the bride-to-be. The idea is to let the bride-to-be stand out in the crowd. A white dress or blouse looks great with all the bridesmaids in black cocktail dresses.

Guy-Watchers’ Party

Why not spend the entire party time rating the men? This theme works when you’re partying outdoors, either in a night club, bar, or some restaurant. Prepare cards and give them numeric value, usually a scale of 1-10. You can add phrases like “cool”, “avoidable”, “irresistible”, and other such words. When the party starts and you start mingling with the guys at the club or bar, you can have all your friends rate them. If you’re sitting in a restaurant or by the pool, watch guys pass by and rate them. It’s pure fun, believe me!

Playing Naughty

Nothing catches as much attention as a bunch of naughty school girls walking on the streets! Hey, so why not dress up in plaid skirts, don pigtails, light makeup and hit the streets? Remember Britney Spears and her sexy schoolgirl look? Well, it’s time to be Britney! This is one of the most successful bachelorette party themes. You can play numbers like ‘School’s out for Summer’ or any other that goes with the theme.

The 70’s Disco Theme

Bring out your bell bottoms, wear an afro or straighten your hair, and fetch your favorite disco number – you’re ready to rock! You can even play classic rock songs. bachelorette party themes that involve playing movies and music are best when you’re partying at home. Log on to eBay and you’ll come across some fine classic 70s and 80s slap bracelets. You can burn CDs and gear up for the party. You can even hold a competition and present bachelorette party gifts to the best dancers.

There are umpteen number of bachelorette party ideas. Shed your inhibitions and think out of the box. This is the time to do something weird that you’d always wanted to do! Throw such a party that the bride-to-be remembers it with a naughty smile even after years of marriage. Got some more bachelorette party themes?

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Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Bachelorette Party Ideas That Will Rock Your Party!

Here are some bachelorette party ideas that will leave the bride with sweet memories of a cherished time. Ah, yes! Before that, we’d like to inform you that in the 1950s and 1960s, a bachelorette party was the sole privilege of men! However, things have changed now and such parties are held by the bride as well as the groom.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Chick Ideas

Collect CDs of theme songs by female artists. One of the popular collections is that of Diva that contains songs like “It’s Raining Men” or “Aretha Franklin’s Respect.” You can even get an adult movie. Have fun, gals!

Chick Games

Bachelorette party games are the best things to choose, if you want to assimilate the joy of each moment of your party. Hit the novelty shops. You are certainly gonna find adult games of your taste. “Pin The Hose On the Fireman” is worth a try.

Chick Gifts

Ooh! Who doesn’t like gifts? Romantic or adult gifts are one of the best bachelorette party ideas. You can get lovers’ collection that contains scented oils, body decorating kits, lingerie, massage creams, and other such items. There are certain novelty kits that sell kits that are complete with gifts, games, and décor.

Interested in gag gifts? Well, you may have to ask the guest of honor about this because certain items of the gift might cause embarrassment, if she has strong modest values. Gag gifts include things like leis of condoms, drinking straws, and anatomically-correct stir sticks. Be sure that everyone present in the party is comfortable with adult humor or else your bachelorette party ideas may spoil the very mood of the party.

6 Hot Tips For An Unforgettable Bachelor Party

  • Post your bachelorette party invitation to all a couple of months before the party. This gives the out-of-town guests time to make travel preparations.
  • If case the bride’s friends live far, try to throw your bash at the same day of bridal shower to avoid travel inconvenience.
  • Avoid holding the party a night before the wedding. This is because after a wild party night with wild bachelorette party ideas, the bride won’t be left with the energy to go through the exhausting wedding ceremony. Now, which bride will want to have puffed eyes and a hangover on her wedding day?!
  • Always estimate the expenses beforehand and request each one to pay their share. And yes, remember to collect the cash prior to the bash so that guests don’t get a chance to say, “Sorry, I forgot my purse”!
  • Prepare a short speech for the bride.
  • Keep the “alcohol-o-meter” within limits!

Go on, get ready to rock the night with some of these great bachelorette party ideas!

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Bachelor Party Games

Non-traditional wedding locations comprise of parks and beaches

Bachelor Party Games Make Your Party More Memorable

Complete fun-filled bachelor party games make the evening more enjoyable and participative. The groom is out to enjoy the last days of his pre-marital freedom, and what better way than to spend it with his closest buddies, doing wild activities which he must not have imagined even in his wildest of dreams. It is the responsibility of the host to make the day memorable for him. There are lots of bachelor party ideas available whereby the organizer can plan numerous fun-filled activities to make the evening participative as well as relaxing.

Bachelor Party Games

Organizing Games

Bachelor party games can be organized depending on the theme chosen for the evening. The aim should be involvement of everyone present. If there are children present, the host should include such games which can be played by the younger age group. At other times, adult games and drinking games can be carried out. If it is a combined party with the bride and her friends, it is of particular importance that the games are such that they do not show any kind of disrespect to the ladies. The bottom line of organizing such activities is complete fun!

Since bachelor parties have broken the traditional style, and have taken newer ideas, the types of games that are organized have also taken a turn. Nowadays, many grooms prefer a weekend getaway for their stag night, and thus, different types of outdoor sports can be organized including some adventurous ones.

You can arrange a short trip to the nearest place and organize a range of adventure sports and activities there. This could be surfing, bungee jumping, kayaking, river-rafting or paragliding – depending on the interests of the groom and the guests. Outdoor games are a big hit, because a hectic lifestyle hardly gives an opportunity to men to indulge in such activities, and that too with close pals. Men nowadays prefer such kind of bachelor party games, as it unleashes the hidden cravings of adventure in them.

Drinking games are also quite popular in such parties. Boozing comes naturally, when we talk of stag night parties. Perhaps no party is complete without some alcohol doing the rounds. Well, this is the day when the groom and his friends can do bottoms up without any inhibition. Certain games as making the groom drink one complete bottle in one go are often played. However, it is always advisable that the groom is not made to do anything against his wishes. Bachelor parties are meant to be fun, and unwanted incidents can spoil the mood of the evening. A word of caution for the host here – if drinks are arranged, he must also make sure that designated drivers are appointed so that after the party, everyone can be dropped back home safely.

An Unforgettable Party

To wind off, the evening can be made more memorable by giving off bachelor party gifts. This will help the guests remember the day even years later. Cute mementos in the form of trinkets, bags, mugs, showpieces will make all invitees emotional about the fun-filled evening.

Bachelor party games are meant to make the evening unforgettable and relaxed. However, all such activities must be undertaken in the right spirit and in good humor. A little bit of creativity definitely does perk up the evening mood!

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Choosing One Among The Many Wedding Venues

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To choose one among the countless wedding venues is a Herculean task. This one or that one? Which one is really the best venue for me? Does the venue of my choice fit my budget! Questions like these and more will boggle your mind. And why not, for after all you see people opting for exotic wedding locations and those destination wedding packages seem so suitable too. In fact, these days many wedding venues offer an all-exclusive package deal that consists of the venue for the marriage, meal and reception all in one.

Choosing One Among The Many Wedding Venues

Home, chapel, hotel, reception hall, restaurant and banquet hall are some of the traditional wedding venues

Home, chapel, hotel, reception hall, restaurant and banquet hall are some of the traditional wedding venues. Non-traditional venues are parks, beaches and trains. Here are some great wedding venues to help you choose the best suited one for yourself.

At a castle: You could select an old Victorian castle in UK or a castle-cum-Hotel in India to marry in. Having a candle light ceremony with family and friends there can make a great medieval theme option. And not to forget that castle grounds would make great photographs.

At a golf club: A golf club could make a wonderful venue as it offers vast green areas for the ceremony and reception. Besides, it also offers accommodation and swimming pools for recreation. The lovely location of a golf club can take much of your wedding stress away and it would be great to have your ‘golf crazy’ family and friends enjoy the game as well as your marriage.

At a beach: One of the most popular wedding venues, a sun drenched sandy beach is the perfect place for a marriage ceremony. Lazy weather, lush greenery, palms and the natural surroundings will relax both you and your family.

At a football stadium: You might be surprised to know this but it is true that these days many couples opt to wed in a football stadium. How about your favorite team’s stadium as your venue? Many professional football clubs offer an opportunity to have the wedding ceremony in the different areas of the stadium. So wed in the home team’s changing room, and throw a reception in the conference room!

At the zoo: Well, you don’t have to be a crazy animal lover to choose a zoo as the venue. Chester Zoo is a common place for couples to wed. Imagine being surrounded with animals during the ceremony! The Chester Zoo provides full reception and ceremony facilities. You can also check out if the local zoo in your area is willing to let you organize your ceremony there.To choose one among the countless wedding venues is a Herculean task

Other Things How To Choose Wedding Venues

After you have selected the ideal venue, your work is not over. You need to see to a number of other things. The following checklist can help you with these ‘other’ things.

  • How many times will you be able to visit the venue to finalize the things for the big day?
  • How many people can you invite to your chosen venue?
  • Is the ambience, food, rent, décor, accessibility and parking at the venue to your liking?
  • Are your suppliers in agreement with your choice of venue?
  • Last but the most important point- Is the venue available on your wedding date?

Whether you choose one of the smaller wedding venues or a big place, try to make it a special time for yourself and your guests.Other Things How To Choose Wedding Venues

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