Cheap Wedding Decorations

Cheap Wedding Decorations – You Can Have Simple And Elegant Wedding Within Your Budget

If you are on a tight budget, there are many ideas that you can use to get cheap wedding decorations. Cheap decorations do not mean that you have to use cheap decorating materials. The idea is to use your limited resources to come up with some wonderful decorating stuff.

Before you plan your wedding decorations make sure that you have checked out the venue. This will give you an idea as to how to decorate it. See how you will decorate the entrance, tables, and dancing area. Since you are on a budget, you can ignore the areas that would not be seen by the guests.

Seasonal Flowers

If you are looking to save money with cheap wedding decorations, there is nothing better than seasonal flowers. If your wedding date has been set well in advance, you can plant the seasonal flowers in your own backyard. When the wedding date comes near, just take out the flowers from the beds and plant them in pots. Paint the pots in metallic colors and place them around the venue. Just imagine pots of different colored daffodils all over the venue. They would not cost you much since they are homegrown.

If you are not into gardening or think that this is simply too much work just before your wedding day, you can go to your local nursery and buy pots of tulips and daffodils or any other seasonal flower of your choice. Then you can separate the flowers and place them in smaller pots.



Flowers work great for beach wedding decorations, plus they are cheap. However, this is not all. There are many other wedding decorations ideas that can help you save money on your wedding. Using balloons to decorate the ceremony and the reception venue will definitely save you money. You do not need to place balloons on every table and every nook and corner of the venue. Place them strategically and use ribbons to bring out the desired effect.

You can talk to your local supplier to see how much it will cost you to decorate the venue with balloons. If you have lots of volunteers to help in decorating your wedding venue, you can buy the balloons, ribbons, and gas canisters and do the decorations on your own. This is one of the best ways to get cheap wedding decorations.

Other Ideas

You can rent large plants to hide areas. Renting would not cost you lots of money. Even if you have to buy the plants, you can sell them later on and save money. Using candles also gets you cheap wedding decorations. Go to home decorating stores where you can find really affordable candles of all sizes and shapes. Candles are great for table decorations and for decorating your ceremony venue.

It is not so hard to save money on your wedding decoration. Using your imagination you can really get some real cheap wedding decorations ideas.

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