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Wedding Shower Gifts – Choose A Special Gift Based On The Theme

On the day of the shower, the bride receives wedding shower gifts brought by all guests who attend the ceremony. The purpose of such gifts is to help the bride and groom set up their new home. This tradition has its roots in the USA. It was started to support the bride in the event of her parents not agreeing to the marriage. Close friends and relatives show their love and support by showering her with gifts and good wishes. The wedding showers are hosted by the bridesmaid or the matron of honor, traditionally.

Wedding Shower Gifts - Choose A Special Gift Based On The Theme

The Bride’s Interest Must Be Taken Care Of

When the invitations are sent out, you must indicate the theme of the party to the guests. This will guide them in selecting the prefect gift for the couple. For selecting the theme, keep the bride’s likes/dislikes, her hobbies, interests etc. in consideration. What you want in the end is that the couple should receive wedding shower gifts that suit their tastes and fulfills their requirements.

The kind of gifts that are received depend much upon the wedding shower themes that you select. So it’s better to discuss it with the bride or groom or both. It’s always advisable to choose a theme that would attract an interesting array of gifts by the guests. For example, if the theme that you give is garden..then wedding shower gifts would be garden equipments, gardening books, seed packets, garden décor items etc. If the bride enjoys gardening as a hobby, then there can be no better gifts than these.

Some Popular Themes

Here are some popular wedding shower ideas; by making use of them, you can assure that the bride receives meaningful presents on her special day:

  • Around the clock theme: In this, you can assign a particular hour of the day to each guest in the invitation card. You may write 10 am in one card and 5 pm in another one. Then it’s up to the guest to select wedding shower gifts which they think the couple will use at that hour of the day. This will bring some very interesting and useful gifts for the bride.
  • Around the home theme: Quite like the above theme, here a particular room is assigned to each guest. You can write rooms in the card as: kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room, portico, lounge etc. Guests can bring presents which can be used in that particular room.
  • Kitchen theme: guests can buy gifts like kitchen equipments and accessories. This way the couple will have lots of things to start a full-fledged kitchen.

If you are one of the guests, then do remember to choose gifts which fit in the theme nicely. Give something which will be appreciated and used by the couple so that they remember you forever. Wedding shower gifts need not be very expensive, but they must show how much thought and feeling has gone into selecting them for the couple.

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