Creating Exquisite Receptions With Bridal Wedding Cakes

Making bridal wedding cakes demands

Making bridal wedding cakes demands the talent and skills of a competent baker/designer. Because all designers are not created equal, you need to make a determination on which one is the logical, best~option for you.

Most competent baker/designers really like to work in one medium more than others, and that expertise carries over to the “originality” of the bridal cakes they create.

If you are seeking bridal wedding cakes which are original and different, make sure the baker/designers you meet with don’t give you answers like this…

>>> “All of my designs are original.” (Ya, sure)

>>> “I have a lot of experience using designs taken from wedding dresses.” (What other skills do you have?)

>>> “My bridal cakes are made with rolled fondant.” (What if you don’t want rolled fondant?)

>>> “I’ve discovered how to create stunning effects on bridal cakes by using “blown sugar.” Most of my bridal cakes display “blown sugar” creations not found in any other bakery, anywhere.” (What if you’re not fascinated by brown sugar?)

>>> “I don’t believe in duplicating styles from books, magazines, or the Internet.” (But what if you found a cake style on the Internet that you liked?)

Creating Exquisite Receptions With Bridal Wedding Cakes

So how can you select the best designer of bridal cakes?

So how can you select the best designer of bridal cakes? Just check with various baker/designers to check out their various displays and photographs, before you decide on their originality and professional decorating abilities.

Anybody can talk about their specialty and expertise, but for all you know, the particular person you’re talking to may have been a school bus driver last week, and now claims to be a skilled designer of bridal wedding cakes.

To help you further…once again, here’s some important advice.

Take time to visit various baker/designers and view their displays and wedding cake photos, before you make up your mind on their professional abilities and decorating skills. You should also ask to taste a sample of wedding cake flavors and fillings you may be interested in as a possible selection you have in mind.

Here’s an additional tip. Don’t ask the baker/designer for references, but rather ask for a list of happy brides you might contact. If a baker/designer refuses your simple request, keep on seeking out one who is in fact interested in your business…and is kind enough to honor your question by giving you a suitable response.

Your Wedding Cake Should Meet Or Exceed Today’s New Standards

You might say, choosing a baker/designer and ordering a wedding cake is no big deal, right? All that matters is what the cake looks like, how it tastes, and how much it costs…right? Wrong!

This was once the criteria, but tv has swayed a bride’s viewpoint of how a wedding cake should look.

With television programs like “Cake Boss” and “Ace of Cakes” something new and unexpected has happened. These shows are “raising-the-bar” by setting higher requirements for cake demonstration than ever.

As such, today’s brides expect and believe their wedding cakes must conform to these greater requirements.

That suggests more baker/designer abilities and materials are required to bring the perception of your wedding cake up to the level of your anticipation and standards.

Because the baker/designer you select to develop your wedding cake

Because the baker/designer you select to develop your wedding cake does not need any qualification requirements, you are absolutely at his or her mercy.

Nonetheless, there is an organization one can check into called “The Retail Bakers of America” (RBA). Any baker/designer can be voluntarily tested to be awarded a designation of “Certified Decorator” (CD). This designation is recognized all through the United States.

If you discover a baker/designer who has been certified from the RBA, one can be assured they are dedicated to the field of cake decorating, and possess a substantial degree of talent.

Just make sure your baker/designer has “raised-their-bar” by establishing greater requirements once it comes to making wedding cakes.

You wish to make the very best purchasing decision possible when picking your baker/designer. Seek any and all data readily available to assist you in making the right buying decision…you don’t want to make a bad choice or a pricey mistake.

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