Detailed Wedding Checklist – An Easy Way To A Memorable Wedding

These days before the actual wedding takes place

These days before the actual wedding takes place, both the bride and the groom must have a detailed wedding checklist. It should start with when the wedding would take place, who will officiate the wedding, how much money is going to be used up and how many guests will be invited for the occasion. Having a wedding checklist would be of great help for the couple in order to plan the big event.These days before the actual wedding takes place

A few months before the wedding itself

A few months before the wedding itself, probably six months or so, it is essential for the couple to plan a vision of the wedding that they would like to experience. A detailed wedding checklist is beneficial in understanding what aspects of marriage are still needed to have focused on and which can be avoided.

A few months before the wedding itself

Time To Get Started

The couple should start thinking about where they would like to get married. Then comes the date of wedding. The consideration of the date plays an important role if the marriage is to take place outdoors. It is important to consider the weather on that particular day. Then, as soon as the location gets finalized, it is time to think about the bridesmaids’ gowns and dresses because this job may be time consuming. The style of the clothes should match the season and formality of the occasion. Then about four months prior to the planned date of wedding, the next step would be to decide about the wedding cake. Your wedding planning checklist must have room for the booking of a wedding cake baker. Next important thing is the advance booking of the make up artist. This booking should be made at the earliest possible time so that the hair style can be decided that will go along with the bridal dress.

Step By Step Planning

By adopting step-wise planning, you can actually make things a lot easier. There is so much to do that without a detailed wedding checklist you will find it highly difficult to organize such a big event without anything going wrong. Once you sit down to write the wedding planning checklist, then only will you realize that there is loads of stuff to think about which you might have forgotten in the excitement of your wedding.

A pre wedding checklist can make it easy

A pre wedding checklist can make it easy for you to handle every field of your wedding without being dependant on friends and relatives. You should be well planned in advance without any tasks left for the final day. Some other additions to your wedding checklist should be a bouquet, the wedding rings and of course, the marriage license. All the above mentioned things are not only important but also are the vital aspects for a wonderful wedding event. So making a detailed wedding checklist can be of real help in making you remember everything that is worthy of being deemed important, hence making your wedding a lifetime memory.

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