Do I need a wedding planner?

If you make yourself this question, let me answer:

If you are spending more than 10K in your wedding, or you will have more than 50 guests, the probable answer is YES.

– Hiring a wedding planner will suppose a very small percentage of your wedding budget, and it can make a BIG difference in your overall level of stress and organization.
– You will save TIME delegating tasks and that will let you concentrate in other aspects.
– The experience of a wedding planner is VERY important, and after dozens of weddings they can foresee problems that may not seem obvious to you. They also will have readily available options or suppliers for anything you may need.
– Wedding planners will offer support and empathy from a female point of view, and she should give you an objective and unbiased opinion.
– On your wedding day you don’t really want your best friend worried about everything, she should be enjoying it with you. It’s great that your friends take part of it, and they will love giving you a hand, but only a reasonable amount of work is acceptable.

If your wedding is small and you feel you have enough time and patience to organize it yourself, then go ahead, you shouldn’t have major problems if you keep some level of organization, but always consider the option of an experienced wedding planner to help you with the big day preparations.

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