Engagement Portraits

After you get engaged an engagement protrait session

After you get engaged an engagement protrait session, the e-session, is the perfect next step to do with your new fiancé.  This first step in the planning process will give you photographs to use when you announce your engagement on the internet, on facebook and eventually on your wedding invitations.  This is approximately a two hour session and is included in most of my wedding packages when you book me for your wedding photography.After you get engaged an engagement protrait session

Sometimes newly engaged couples combine the e-session with a weekend getway to Banff or Canmore to celebrate.  This is a perfect way to have a romantic getaway after your engagement and to do your engagement photography.  This way you’ll have beautiful photographs to accompany your announcement and you can post them right away on the internet.

The most important part of the e-session, although not obvious, is that it breaks the ice between us and sets the tone for the photography on your wedding day.

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