Fall Wedding Flowers

Create A Dazzling Theme With Fall Wedding Flowers

The diversity of fall wedding flowers during the autumn season is amazing. You can choose from a variety of popular autumn wedding flowers like asters, poinsettia, holly, iris, carnation, snowdrops, hemlock, ivy and chrysanthemums to name a few. Combine these with foliages like croton leaves and copper beech and you have decorations that can look stunning and unique. Autumn is the time when nature is at its colorful best. Flowers and foliage are available in all imaginable colors. This allows you to create a theme of fall wedding flowers that suits your style.




Popular Fall Wedding Flowers

  • White: gardenia, white peony, amaryllis, snowdrop and Bianca rose
  • Blue and purple blue: iris, agapanthus blossom, blue delphinium and grape hyacinth.
  • Burgundy and purple: magenta peony, garnet glow and Barbados.
  • Yellow and orange: narcissus, chopin, pincushion protea, gloriosa lily and floret.
  • Peach and pink: pink phlox, pink hydrangea and gerbera daisy.
  • Red and fuchsia: red hydrangea, deep red rose and red astilbe.
  • Green Foliage: hemlock, copper beech, blue spruce, grapevines, eggplant smoke bush, yellow maple and liquid amber branches.
  • Fall fruits: tallow berries, crab apples, cranberries, orange cotoneater, red nandina and fall blue berries.

Fall leaves, natural and dried grasses like wheat and rye also add to the popular choices of fall wedding decorations. The fruits and foliage can be used in abundance for decorating the window edges and archways. They also make elegant centerpiece arrangements. The decorations can also be enhanced by using colorful pottery, woven baskets, spanish moss and dried flowers. Autumn is by far the most popular time for weddings. The plethora of fall wedding flowers in autumn beckon you to create a theme in the true spirit of the season.

It is always advisable to go for seasonal wedding flowers. Choose winter wedding flowers for winter wedding and fall wedding flowers for autumn weddings. The seasonal flowers are fresh and easily available at affordable rates. They also help in keeping your wedding budget reasonable. You can even choose from an array of cheap wedding flowers as an alternative to expensive exotic flowers.

Though all seasons are unique, the flower choices during fall beat them all.

Autumn is the time to create an ambience that you always dreamed of. You will have by far the largest variety of flowers, fruits, grasses and other accessories that you could ever think of. Go ahead and indulge in myriad flower ideas. You will have everything that you would need to make this wedding a grand success. You can astonish and please all your near and dear ones with the beautiful flowery theme that you would be able to create with fall wedding flowers.

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