Fall Weddings

Fall Weddings – A Perfect Setting For A Colorful Wedding

An outdoor wedding can be the perfect setting for a fall wedding. With the end of summer, the cool brisk evenings of fall are perfect for a wedding. Fall has now become extremely popular as a wedding season. It is therefore essential to plan well in advance for your wedding. The venue for the wedding, the DJ and other vendors like florists and photographers need to be booked early so as to get the best choice. Outdoor locations are generally preferred for fall weddings to fully appreciate the wonderful palette of colors laid out by nature.

Fall Weddings

Different Aspects To Make Your Fall Wedding A Success

Fall weddings can be very romantic with nature adorning the entire landscape in a shower of colors. Some of the things that need to be looked into for a perfect wedding are:-

  • Location: Unlike winter weddings, outdoor venues are ideal for weddings in fall. However, for those who prefer to hold their wedding indoors, there are options like country inns, bread and breakfast places or any other place that has a lot of wood and probably a fireplace to add to the décor.
  • Apparel: A cream colored bridal gown or one that is white or off-white accented with the color of the bridesmaids’ outfits is ideal for a fall wedding. The bridesmaids’ gowns should ideally be one of natures’ colors like orange, red, rust, gold, burgundy etc.
  • Flowers and decorations: Like beach weddings, a wedding in the fall can also be made very colorful with many fall flowers like daisies, mums, sunflowers, orchids and so on being used in the decorations. Baskets, wheelbarrows and bales of hay can also be used artistically as decorations.
  • Wedding favors and invitations: These should be designed with the unique attributes of fall such as fall leaf designs, rich colors of fall and so on.

Different Types Of Fall Wedding Themes

  • Wine theme: Fall being the time of harvest, a wine wedding theme is an excellent idea with wine bottles being used in the centerpieces and mini wine bottles used as wedding favors.
  • Apple theme: Apples herald the arrival of fall and can be incorporated into every aspect of your fall wedding such as the favors, decorations and wedding invitations.
  • Fall flower theme: The different fall flowers like dahlias, hydrangeas or mums can be used in all aspects of your wedding to make it bright and colorful.
  • Halloween theme: Halloween can also be used as a wedding theme to add a touch of mystery to your fall wedding.

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