Gay wedding

Great fun and quite relaxed

We exhibited at our final show of the year yesterday, the last of the season’s gay wedding shows. Great fun and quite relaxed – one of our favourite acts of these (or indeed any) shows are The Three Waiters. Pretending to be waiters at your event/wedding they suddenly burst into song, and at the shows they also provide a little entertainment to keep us wide awake.

It was also great that one of our registered couples came along and said hi – Lyn and Deb get hitched in March and had a few things left to find – great news that they’d already decided on their gift list!

On the charity front – lots happening

On the charity front – lots happening! Suddenly a few we’ve been asking to come onboard are saying yes so lots of work in letting them know how things work, how we can get them setup on the gift lists, and then finally working on the details (‘gifts’ etc) that will actually become part of the lists. We’re trying to get as many of the new charities sorted by the new year as that’s when we tend to get a big increase in next year’s marrying couples signing up.

Last week however we also had a charity, that we’ve been talking to for a year that we wanted to try and raise money for through our Scottish gift lists, come back to us and let us know that they weren’t going to join up – always a dissapointment after so much work but it just means the door is open for another.

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