Great Wedding Shower Ideas Make Great Weddings

Great wedding shower ideas need not be the most expensive or complicated ones

Great wedding shower ideas need not be the most expensive or complicated ones. A simple theme which makes the evening enjoyable for all, can work wonders. The basic idea of arranging wedding showers is to have fun-time where the bride can enjoy company of her nearest and dearest ones in an informal environment. It is a great way to relax just before the D-day arrives. The bride-to-be is also showered with gifts which help her tremendously in setting up her home after the wedding.

Great Wedding Shower Ideas Make Great Weddings

Choose The Theme Creatively

Wedding shower is a tradition which has its root in the USA is followed enthusiastically all over the world. The host for this party is the bridesmaid of honor or matron. Invitations are sent out by the bridesmaid, all family and friends of the bride are invited. The theme of the shower is included in the card, so that guests bring gifts pertaining to the theme and also dress up accordingly. Some interesting wedding shower ideas are: a kitchen theme, fitness theme, décor theme etc. In this, people will bring kitchen items for the kitchen theme, fitness equipments and decorative items will be the gifts in case of suitable themes. The wedding shower games should also be woven around the theme; this creates more interest and fun.

If you are hosting the shower, you can discuss it with the bride what kind of gifts she would like and then decide the theme. The big idea here is to make the event memorable for the bride and to give gifts which will be appreciated by the newly wedded couple. Create wedding shower favors which will make the guests remember the couple forever. You can choose from scented candles, photo frames, exclusive assorted chocolate boxes, clocks and many more.

Some Good Shower Ideas

Let’s have a look at some fun wedding shower ideas which will go a long way in making this occasion special:

  • Around the clock theme: In this you can specify a particular hour of the day to each guest and thus they will bring gifts which can be used in that particular hour of the day. For example: you can write 1 pm in one invitation, 6 pm in another one. This will bring a wide range of gifts to the couple which they can use all around the day.
  • One room theme: Similar to above, the guests can be allocated a particular room to bring gifts for. They can be given rooms as: kitchen, living room, bedroom, washroom, garden etc.
  • Gourmet wedding theme: If the bride or groom is interested in trying out different cuisines, making gourmet dishes, then this theme will bring lots of gifts which will enhance their skills and taste buds as well.

Always remember that you are trying to make this occasion fun for all. Thus do not bother yourself in making elaborate arrangements and spending too much just to get appreciation. Instead, make use of wedding shower ideas which are simple, practical yet interesting; create a fun environment which everyone will remember for long!

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