Have a theme wedding?

If you are looking for something special for this biggest day of your life

If you are looking for something special for this biggest day of your life, that is a little MORE than the rituals, rights, traditions and run-of-the mill wedding, special theme, exotic theme, location or destination wedding, multi-cultural, contemporary, modern, alternative and not the typical cookie-cutter wedding, then this guide will provide useful insights, insider secrets, considerations, questions, checklists, tips, and MORE.

You too can have your dream wedding in no time. Arrangements , coordination and planning for a theme wedding can be rewarding but also jam-packed with to do’s and even mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.
The wonderful power of a theme wedding is it unifying nature. A THEME pulls all the loose strings together into a coherent, comprehensive WHOLE! All of a sudden all loose lists of things to do, buy, choose, synergize, come together and have a common goal/purpose, backdrop and atmosphere to it.
  1. For those brides, moms, planners, family and helpers
  2. Those who do not want a typical, normal or more traditional wedding, there is always the alternative of a theme wedding like Hawaii, Beach, winter, seasonal, holiday weddings.
  3. You too can step out of the mold of what a wedding is, should and ought to be
  4. Get exactly what you want and even more than you and or your guests expect or have experienced before at the ceremony and reception.
  5. It can be more than just that, it can be loads of fun for everyone involved as well, inviting them to celebrate and partake of something very special.
  6. In this guide you will discover all the intricacies, challenges, promise, potential and opportunities, to do, checklists and more to make a theme wedding go without a hitch.
  7. Theme wedding packages and specials, personalized and customized to your style, budget and preference, personal choice is now within your very own reach.

You can do it yourself

You can do it yourself, or you can get a third party, planner involved to give things that professional flair. There are numerous theme weddings to fit all shapes, budgets and sizes. All-inclusive, resort, exotic island, cruise or extreme wedding packages are at your fingertips, right around the globe. If you want to bring the globe back to your home-town, hall, hotel or backyard, there are options there to create just the right ambience and a theme wedding is the perfect way to orchestrate and ‘stage’ the whole event, including the days leading up to, arrival of guests, pre-event parties, rehearsals, dinners, ceremony, reception and after-parties. 

Some theme wedding packages

Some theme wedding packages, can even include the flight reservations to hotel rooms for the honeymoon, themed, coordinated outfits for the entire wedding party, smaller package, which includes the chapel service, flowers, and a cake can also be purchased for the budget-conscious or you can DIY all the way as well with great success, if you have the right tools and resources at your disposal. Planning and creativity is all that is required to make this dream wedding a reality.

Dream wedding

Tours of the locations and checking out some of the packages they have on offer are all available – take someone with you for that extra set of eyes to note things you might miss, ask questions or check details that you might have forgotten. Lots of time upfront, spent on selecting the actual theme can save you lots of headaches down the road. Time, money will not now be wasted further, they will be optimized to give you MORE time to enjoy the process and not get to entangled in the mechanics and small-details of the process, planning, purchase, reservations and more.

Most basis type theme weddings, bulk, budget

Most basis type theme weddings, bulk, budget, low-cost wedding packages will include most costs for the ceremony itself, including the chapel fee, flowers, and photographs of the ceremony. If you are planning and elaborate and/or larger type wedding, there will be extras to consider and think about – all possible and more plausible with a unifying theme.

For all-inclusive theme wedding packages, you might expect to fork out a little more cash upfront, but it is worth having someone take care of everything on your behalf, from start to finish, so you can enjoy this big day without having to bother too much with the hands-on yourself. Unless you do prefer it of course – then your options are endless and you can customize whatever happens before, during and after your big day to a tee, to your preference, specification and preference.

You will pay more if a professional wedding planner steps in and does everything for you. There are companies and third-party providers, niche specialists, sub-contractor types (musicians, wedding officials, photographers, caterers, bakers and cake decorators, printers and more to consider for all aspects of your wedding.

  • Professional videos
  • custom-made photo albums
  • wedding garters
  • dresses and other wedding party attire
  • wardrobe specialists
  • travel agents
  • flower-shops and arrangers

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