Hollywood’s Hottest Trend – Skull Jewelry!

I have a passion for skull jewelry.

So, I kept a close watch on celebs who love to sport the skull! And guess what? I found a whole breed of stylish celebs donning skull jewelry. Here is a list of my favorite ones.


The ever gorgeous and stylish Fearne Cotton was spotted wearing her favorite silver skull necklace at the Brit Awards this year! Another celeb who has a passion for skull jewelry is Alexa Chung! She just loves her skull necklace and was spotted with it on several occasions! Though Chung is still searching for her holy grail of skull rings jewelry —a chunky silver wolf ring is currently satisfying her ring needs. Jessica Alba also loves the look of skull jewelry. Other celebrities who joined the club are Jayde Nicole and Adam Lambert.

Last but not the least on my list is the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean – Johnny Depp! Johnny loves to decorate his body with tattoos and habitually wears a collection of skull jewelry that is as unique and personal as a signature.


Skulls may mean different things to different people

Skulls may mean different things to different people. But, I believe that sterling silver skull jewelry will keep me on course as I treasure hunt on the high seas of life. I would love to introduce you to my personal collection. Cufflinks have always been my favorite! So, I got the perfect pair of Skull Sterling Silver Cufflinks from My Wedding Jewelry. Next, I have my eyes on a powerful skull pendant – the White Skull and Crossbones Sterling Silver Heart Pendant! The skull seems to be grinning, mocking, and daring! So I love it!


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