How to keep your dream wedding affordable

No one should give up on their dream wedding

No one should give up on their dream wedding and this is why we came up with a list of tricks to cut down on certain expenses. Some of these points might seem obvious or even silly, but trust us, many couples end up paying way more than they need to just because they haven’t yet stumbled upon our website’s awesome tips.No one should give up on their dream wedding

1. Contract:

Read the contract you are signing with the venue very carefully. Many places charge extra money for things you don’t expect. For example: if you stipulate that your wedding will last around 5 hours, they will add some clause in the contract so that you have to pay an extra amount for every additional hour.

2. Services:

Before hiring the baker, florist or whatever extra services you need always ask first if your selected venue doesn’t offer it. Don’t feel ashamed, most venues do offer some extra services, like the Cake. But if you don’t ask them, they might choose not to tell you and to save that extra cost. Do the same thing regarding materials, for instance if you want a red carpet, they might already have one from a previous wedding.

3. Tweak the offers:

Usually the venue will offer you a list of packages from where you pick one. This doesn’t mean that you can’t negotiate with them and exclude certain things from the package. If you don’t need fancy fruit cocktails, well then ask them to make you a new offer excluding those drinks. You don’t even like soup? Well then kick it off the menu.

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Why buy Wedding Dress online?

4. Discretion:

All the extra things you need to buy, whenever possible, don’t mention it’s for a wedding. This applies specially to the bouquet. Prices sometimes more than triple just because shop owners know that brides spend a lot of money. Keep this also in mind for your hair and makeup, your nails, or even your underwear. Whenever there are special products/services for brides, they are overpriced.

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Wedding Planning Script

5. Dress:

If you have fallen in love with a designer dress but can’t afford it – why don’t you show a picture to a dressmaker and get something similar done for you? It might not have the brand, but it will be custom made for you and to your taste.

6. Friends with skills:

Photographers are very expensive these days. Ask your friends if they don’t know someone who does photography as a hobby. The same applies to a DJ, or a band — just ask some friends to do it for you.Planning a wedding can be fun and tiring

7. Chiiiiill:

Don’t spend too much money on decoration. Think about a wedding you’ve been to; do you remember the color of the flowers on your table? You don’t, nor anyone else besides the bride and groom. Your guests will care about the food, and some good music to dance to and have fun – they will hardly notice anything else.

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planning your marriage ceremony and reception is a challenging

8. Keep it short – and sweet:

Your wedding doesn’t have to last the whole day. It will cost you more, and it will be tiring for you and for the guests.

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