How to organize a small wedding

Size matters.

No, seriously, this is one of your first decisions you will have to take when you start planning your wedding: Who to invite? And believe me this decision will have a big impact in things such as the venue choice, the ceremony location, and of course the financial repercussions.

There is a fine line between inviting a few family and friends and having to invite EVERYBODY, specially when you are afraid of making someone upset, or you have someone else recommending you what to do. Follow your instinct, do not take opinions too seriously, it’s YOUR wedding. Now let me explain you the benefits of celebrating a small wedding:

– Financially cheaper, which means you have more money available for other things, like better meals, more entertainment, or a more intimate and exclusive venue. I always prefer quality than quantity. Why not organizing a whole weekend?

– Easier to organize and control. As a wedding grows in size, so does the things you will try to control, and this may become extremely stressful, so consider employing a wedding coordinator and relax.

– You and your guests will have more time for yourselves. Sometimes I see people who go to weddings for obligation, just because they have been invited and it’s polite to do so. Then you may see them feeling uncomfortable or out of place, surrounded by people they don’t know, not feeling part of the celebration. Do not waste yours and their money, how many people is really special to you? Less people means you will have more time to enjoy each others company, to catch up with life, and everybody will feel part of it, it will feel more real.

– Simplicity is beauty

Having a BIG wedding instead? Well, that’s also a good choice if you are organized and have a clear idea of what do you want. Make sure you make a good to-do list, be creative, do not think only in you but also in how your guests will feel, choose the right atmosphere, there will be any kids? Will guests will be thirsty or hungry at some point?

What do you think?

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