Is Your Wedding Budget Under Control?

Are you planning a wedding but concerned about the high cost of the ceremony?

If so then the “Your Wedding Budget” planning guide is for you.  We understand how difficult and expensive it can be to plan a wedding today, and we have put together a comprehensive guidebook dedicated to helping keep that wedding budget under control.

The money you save on the ceremony….

The money you save on the ceremony can more than pay for the cost of the guide and this great guide can be used no matter what the nature of the ceremony.  From the simplest backyard nuptials to the fanciest country club wedding, there is money to be saved and our guide to planning your wedding budget can help you save it.

If you doubt that our guide to keeping your wedding budget under control can help you save money, just take a look at some of the many subjects tackled within its pages.  Here you will find information on such vital subjects as:

How Much Do You Have to Spend – determining the funds available for the wedding is one of the hardest parts of the budget planning process.  We are here to help with some practical advice.

Listing Your Expenses – when it comes to planning a wedding, it is the little details that can really trip you up.  This guide helps you list every expense involved in planning your wedding, from the largest to the tiniest.

Budget Allocation – of course making a list of all possible expenses is only the beginning, and this guide will help you allocate your budget more effectively. . More effective budget allocation can mean lower costs and more money in your pocket for the honeymoon.

Wedding Budget allocation worksheet – nothing has more impact than a visual worksheet, and we provide such a worksheet for you.

And much more…

Whether you have planned a wedding before or this is your first time, you can benefit greatly from the wealth of information found in this valuable guidebook.  So why not make a small investment in this guidebook and help take a bite out of the rising cost of getting married?

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