Just make the wedding of a lifetime

From there onward it becomes easier most believe to pull threads together to make the wedding of a lifetime

From there onward it becomes easier most believe to pull threads together to make the wedding of a lifetime, orchestrate, gel, come together, synergize, coordinate and fall into place. Everything adding its collective and individual splendor and magic to the overall, holistic event.

Cultural undertones, tradition, language, rites

Cultural undertones, tradition, language, rites, rituals, Scottish or Irish themes, Celtic heritage, A French wedding, or just something you both enjoy, or places, people, worlds you are fascinated by, visit, want to go, cherish, share, bring together, such as country, western or mediaeval fantasies, all become possible. The sky is the limit!
Processes, place, protocol, details and more need to be confirmed and taken care of one by one, to ensure smooth sailing on the day.

  • How far will you take the theme
  • How much are you willing, can you spend on making it real, building this dream location and staging the perfect event
  • What is most, more and least, not important – cut the things you do not need and/or can do without
  • Do not overkill or use to much, as it might seem tacky or overcompensating, indulgent etc.
  • In all you do, spare a thought for your guests as well
  • Be appropriate and considerate, regardless of the theme (would you want to see your grandmother in a hula and a bikini top??) select your dress-code and requirements of/from your guests with the utmost of care – what might sound like a great idea to you, might just terrify your guests to the point of them declining to attend, not show up or not be part of the festivities at all.
    .. and much MORE!
When it comes to cakes, décor and favors for theme weddings, there are lots on offer:
  • Themed wedding cakes, elaborate baking sensations, samples, reputation, decorations can all be done
  • Cake topper, icing or piped flowers, jewels , cut wedding cake in little boxes, netting etc. with the couple’s names, date of the wedding can all be a nice touch, without having to spend too much
  • Miniature versions of the cake, samples and sampling of the menu items, proofs of the prints all cost a little extra, but is worth it, to give you a better idea on how the individual smaller elements will be coming together.

The theme can also be carried right into and throughout the reception, after-parties, table decorations etc.

Make and have all individual and collective elements, incorporate and accentuate your theme, expand and underline it at every opportunity that you can find.
  • Princess, cinderella theme wedding
  • fall wedding theme – leaves, colors, harvest foods, smells,
  • beach party or night-time, sunset wedding on a remote, isolated beach with a campfire and a few intimate friends
  • butterfly wedding theme
  • summer wedding theme
  • western wedding theme
  • formal, tuxedo-style, black and white wedding theme with sit-down, plated dinner, gowns and the whole nine-yards
  • hawaiian theme wedding
  • winter wedding theme
  • tropical theme wedding
  • asian wedding theme
  • fairy tale wedding theme
  • spring wedding theme
  • Flowers, rose, orchids, lilies or daisy theme wedding
  • Elizabethan wedding theme
  • wedding color and combination type themes
  • tiffany blue wedding theme
  • las vegas theme wedding
  • garden theme wedding
  • fall wedding theme idea
  • calla lily wedding theme
  • angel theme wedding
  • precious moment wedding theme
  • country theme wedding
  • Greek wedding theme
  • halloween theme wedding
  • pink wedding theme
  • prom wedding theme
  • italian wedding theme
  • nautical theme wedding
  • outdoor wedding theme
  • movie wedding theme
  • victorian theme wedding
  • disney wedding theme
  • ocean and water theme wedding
  • holiday or christmas wedding theme
  • irish theme wedding
  • Spanish theme wedding
  • TV show wedding theme
  • Space
  • Under the ocean, sea or in the water, on a boat, cruise-liner
  • Extremes (volcano, skydiving, scuba-diving etc.)

    And more, more and more, even etnic, cultural, popular wedding locations and destinations are all named and discussed.

What truly matters is NOT WHERE, but who is there

What truly matters is NOT WHERE, but who is there, why they are there, that you share your special day with them, the ones you love and cherish and remember it for a lifetime. Weddings can and do take place almost anywhere and everywhere!
Choices of locations , places, ceremonies, receptions, parties (pre/post) can be daunting a task, overwhelming at best and most of the time, BUT it does not have to be. You need to opt for your theme, type of wedding you want.
GET peace of mind with and for THEMED WEDDINGS – tick ONE MORE THING OFF THE TO DO LIST!


  • Asian: backyard, banquet hall, restaurant, house, resort, conference center, pagoda, temple, and any or every where else, in-between!
  • Beach: backyard, beach, and hall that allows themed weddings
  • Cowboy: local ranch or farm, backyard, parks, local hiking trails
  • Hawaiian: Local beach (get permits), backyard, a nearby recreational space, stadium, hall, park, and even at a lake, stream or river
  • Winter Wonderland: decorated hall or banquet room, backyard, or your local outdoor skating rink

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