Making Arrangement At A Reception Hall Rental

Planning a wedding is a real task be it the guest list or the reception hall rental

Planning a wedding is a real task be it the guest list or the reception hall rental. If you plan it well the process can be much easier. The first thing that you should do when you plan your wedding is to book a reception hall. It is a good idea to look at various wedding reception halls before finalizing on any one. Once the venue is decided you can plan things such as catering, decoration etc.

Preparing A Reception Hall Rental Check List

When you rent a wedding reception hall it is important to ask the management for details of their package deals. It is best to clarify these details at the time of booking itself. It is a good idea to get everything agreed upon in black and white, on paper. The checklist for the reception hall rental should include the following items.

  • Chairs- If the arrangement is a seated dinner or a seated buffet then chairs should be provided for all the guests. In case of a buffet reception, half the number of chairs would do. Check if the hall provides high chairs for children.
  • Guest tables- You can choose from small 36 inch round tables or large 48 inch round tables for a buffet type setting. You must ensure that the tables are pre-set with all the glassware, napkins and coffee cups.
  • Cake table- The size of the cake table depends on the size of the wedding cake. The cake table should be placed in an area where there is less movement and high visibility.
  • Cake table of the groom- You can go in for a 36 inch round table if the groom’s cake was not a part of the rehearsal dinner.
  • Head table- The head table faces the guests.
  • Buffet tables- If the dinner arrangement is a buffet style then you need to arrange different food stations such as dessert or meat carvings etc.
  • Gift table- You can arrange the wedding gifts on the gift table. The size of the table would depend on the number of guests attending the wedding.
  • Guest book table- A table for the reception guest book should be arranged.
  • Linen and tableware- You may need to arrange the linen and tableware from elsewhere if they are not included in the reception hall rental.
  • Tents- If you are planning an outdoor reception then placing tents is a good option.

Planning a marriage reception is not an easy job therefore it is best to make a checklist of things required at the reception hall rental venue, beforehand.

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