Our Vision

Lets get to the point… weddings can be a very stressful affair

Lets get to the point… weddings can be a very stressful affair! We are a group of wedding professionals who know and understand the pressures of ‘getting it right’. Together we offer a full range of services to take the pressure away from you and help you get back to remembering why you said ‘yes’ in the first place!

a totally stress free service

As individuals who know each other well we are able to provide you with a totally stress free service. We have strong relationships within the group built on trust and respect for each others talents – in other words, not just any service provider is invited to join!

We offer our services individually yet pride ourselves in our ability to work as a professional team. Whether you choose to use 1 or 10 of our services you can rest assured in our reliability and commitment to your special day.

Each service provider within our group has a designated page on this site, further to this we all have links to our individual web sites. Your day is as important to us as it to you so should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any one of us for further information.