Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Weddings – A Wedding Day In The Midst Of Nature’s Glory

An outdoor wedding may well be an ideal choice for those who enjoy the many charms of the great outdoors. While planning the wedding, couples who enjoy the outdoors can seriously think about an outdoor location rather than the traditional church setting. However before settling on an outdoor wedding as your wedding theme, you should look at certain factors. Why are you really considering an outdoor location for your wedding? Do it only if you really want it and not because you consider it the “cool” thing to do. Consider your guests before settling on an outdoor location. If the majority of them are elderly or dislike the outdoors, then you really should reconsider your decision.

Advantages Of Outdoor Weddings

  • Outdoor weddings can in many situations turn out to be cheaper than the traditional wedding held in churches or halls. The rent on an outdoor location may be far lesser than a reception hall or an expensive ball room.
  • You get to choose the type of landscape that you want for your wedding. For those who are fond of the beach, a beach wedding may be an ideal choice. You can also opt to hold your wedding in a park, mountain resort and just about any place that you find attractive.
  • Your outdoor wedding can be made even more unique and memorable by adding additional color themes like a blue wedding theme and so on.
  • You can have a far more casual atmosphere with an outdoor location which may not be easily possible with the traditional ballroom or church wedding. This could encourage your guests to circulate freely and have a great time.




Disadvantages Of Outdoor Weddings

  • The most obvious and major disadvantage of outdoor weddings is the weather. A wedding held in an outdoor location is mainly dependent on the weather which is beyond our control. A sudden shower may disrupt the entire proceedings. One way to minimize chances of unexpected surprises like these is to schedule weddings held outdoors during the summer season.
  • There are people who are allergic or sensitive to factors like sunlight, bugs, insects and so on. The best way to deal with this problem is to provide sun-block lotion and fly catchers for those who need it.
  • As many Catholic priests are against outdoor weddings, you need to work hard to convince your priest to conduct a wedding in an outdoor location.

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