Pre Wedding List

Pre Wedding List – Makes Wedding An Awesome Event

There are so many errands to think about and do before taking the wedding vows that a pre wedding checklist is a very smart option to manage everything. Generally a person needs about ten to twelve months before the wedding day to work on their checklist. If you feel you can handle the planning and organizing of your wedding all by yourself then you can easily do without hiring a professional wedding planner.

Pre Wedding List

Start Immediately

As soon as you get engaged you and your spouse-to-be must understand the challenges and responsibilities which lie before both of you. You should start preparing yourselves for breaking the news of your decision to get married to family members, friends and relatives.

Before making a wedding cost checklist you should first decide the amount of money you wish to spend on your wedding. Look into your resources, that whether you and your fiancé have the capability of financing the event on your own. It is always advisable to plan the expenditure of the wedding in advance so that no troubles plague you at the later stages. It is also quite helpful if the couple can decide beforehand as to who is going to pay for the wedding.

The next step comes as the compiling of guest list. You and your fiancé can decide the friends, relatives and the acquaintances you wish to invite for your wedding. A wedding day checklist can take care of all such things.

After you decide a date and time for your wedding, you can right away start planning a pre wedding checklist. All you need to start is date, time and venue [as decided by you] for getting married. You must try to keep an open mind when taking any important decisions.

Planning Strategically

You must search the market for a few quotations so that you can start making the arrangements and bookings regarding the florist and the photographer. Then you can add the reminders on your pre wedding checklist regarding the caterer, DJ and church. Make your list of “must haves” such as wedding gown, invitations, wedding rings and reception. In this way you find yourself more organized and stress free. Your list should also include such items as a hairdresser, a stag night, a hen party and professional music, both for the wedding ceremony and the reception.

The wedding day emergency kit is one of the most important requirements of your wedding to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Just make sure to carry one in a small easily accessible bag.

When so much is to be done in such a short time, a wedding checklist helps you to take care of every minute detail concerning your wedding. Using a pre wedding checklist is a quick and smart way to keep everything organized and ready to go.