Searching For Reception Banquet Hall?

If you are searching for reception banquet halls….

If you are searching for reception banquet halls it is important to understand all the details regarding the booking. It is a good idea to write down all what you want to ask about before enquiring about the venue. This question list will help to compare and sought out the best banquet halls.

If you are searching for reception banquet halls....

Questions You Should Ask When Searching For Reception Banquet Halls

  • What are the dates available for the particular month of the year?
    If you have fixed a wedding date then ask for the specific date and for dates close to it. If you have not fixed a date and you are flexible with it then it is a good idea to get the booking done off season. Bookings for weddings in the marriage season are expensive than those done during off season. Some reception banquet halls offer a discounted rate for Friday and Sunday weddings and also for marriages taking place at noon time.
  • What wedding package plans are offered?
    Some banquet halls offer marriage package plans. These plans include catering, seating, cake, decoration etc. It is a good idea to get all details of what is being included in the package. You can compare different plans of various reception banquet halls and choose the one offering you the best deal.
  • What is the reception hall rental?
    Normally wedding reception halls quote a ‘per person charge’ and many do not tell about the additional charges and taxes. Therefore it is important to get all the details about the rental in written. You must also enquire about the number of hours the venue will be allotted to you.
  • How many people can be accommodated in the wedding venue?
    Enquire about the capacity of the reception hall.
  • Are there any catering services available?
    A few reception banquet halls have their own kitchen and chefs while others have a tie-up from outside. Ask if they provide with the seating arrangement, linen and tableware. You must also ask whether the reception hall has a liquor license or not.
  • Who would be the contact person in case of any problem on the reception day?
    There should be someone from the reception venue available on the wedding day in case of any problem.
  • Are there any other events or weddings scheduled around the wedding time?
    You must check for any events after or before your wedding. A delay in the event before your wedding can cause a delay to your wedding. An event after your reception can rush up your event. Therefore it is best to clarify these issues.

Getting married should be a beautiful memory. Therefore to avoid any problems on your day it is better to plan things such as booking a wedding reception hall, in advance. However while searching for reception banquet halls it is important to jot down all the facilities that you desire the venue to have.

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