Studio Photography

Why Studio Photographs?

Why do we offer you photographs in “civil” clothing at our studio?

First your wedding plan is a great opportunity to have professional and artistic photos of you as a couple. Why not capture your looks and love for one another?

Second we offer this shooting so we can all get to know each other. From our experience the photographs will be even nicer when we like one another.

Third at the studio we can get wonderful lighting which helps making professional pictures.

By the way: when you choose the wedding report, the studio shooting is already included in the allowance.

We are interested in:

Wedding pictures booking by the hour
Wedding report (whole day incl. all events)
Artistic Studio photographs beforehand
CD-ROM with all the work
We would like to see more of your work online
We would like to see your portfolio / album
We will have a civil wedding
We will have a church wedding
Please send us your prices for the wedding photos

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