Summer Wedding Themes

Summer Wedding Themes – Perfect For The Great Outdoors

Summer wedding themes are ideally outdoor weddings to take the advantage of the marvelous weather. Summer is the ideal season to enjoy a wedding in bright sunshine with less formal etiquette. The long summer days are ideal for a wedding ceremony that can be held in the late afternoon. This will help you to have a glorious backdrop of the sun setting behind you as you exchange your wedding vows. The months of May through August form the most popular time of the year for a wedding. You should take full advantage of the bounties of the season while planning your summer wedding theme. A beach wedding or a garden wedding are ideal theme weddings in the summer season.

Beach Wedding Theme For a Summer Wedding

The main theme that is talked about while discussing on a summer wedding theme is a beach wedding. A beach wedding helps you to experience the sunshine to its fullest. The sand and the sea can really be enjoyed by the guests when they walk barefoot on the beach. Either a public or a private beach can be chosen for your beach wedding, depending on the budget that you have earmarked. Fresh seafood can be served as the wedding menu for the guests that would be a refreshing change from the normal fare that is served at a wedding feast. A summer wedding theme on the beach can be a whole lot cheaper than a proper church one.

Garden Wedding Theme

An outdoor wedding with a garden wedding theme can help you to thoroughly enjoy the gifts of nature with the singing and chirping of the birds along with the wedding ceremony. The venue for your wedding can be decorated with miniature bird cages. A bird cage can also form the centerpiece for your summer wedding theme in the garden. The wedding favors and wedding cake can also be created in such a way that it adds to the entire décor.

Decorations To Be used For A Summer Wedding Theme

Summer flowers like roses, dahlias, mums and zinnias can be used to create colorful and summery flower arrangements to decorate the venue of your wedding tastefully. Seasonal fruits and vegetables can also be used in your summer wedding theme to bring about a light and airy look. Lemons or limes may be used in large clear topiaries and topped with a light flower arrangement for a fresh look. Fresh fruits should be incorporated into your wedding menu. Summer wedding favors can be tiny pots of flowers and seeds to match with your summer wedding theme.

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