The Bridesmaids In A Wedding

Once a wedding is decided upon, the date, time and venue are fixed

Once a wedding is decided upon, the date, time and venue are fixed, all bookings are done and you are ready to take the wedding vows, it is time to choose the bridesmaids. Some brides-to-be know their bridesmaids even before they decide to take the plunge into married life. For others, it is quite a task whom to select and who to avoid. At times a bride might be even in a fix, unable to get even a single bridesmaid. Then the bride’s men or a “lad of honor” in lieu is a safe option. Your brothers and male friends could be your chosen ones, although it would be nice to let the groom know about your plans in such a case. a wedding is decided upon, the date, time and venue are fixed

Their Selection

It is great if you have many sisters, sisters-in-law and close friends to select your bridesmaids from. The chore can be made easier by listing their names and picking those who are dearest to your heart, your family and other relatives. In other words, your bridesmaids should ideally be your immediate sisters and your childhood friends who have stood by you through thick and thin. You must definitely not consider your wedding as an opportunity to mend estranged relationships with girlfriends and sisters. There is always time for that later, not now!

Once the selection is done, you need to involve them too in planning your marriage to add to the zest rather than expecting their formal attendance in the ceremony and reception. If you haven’t asked them to enjoy more than the usual involvement in your nuptials, do it now. Sometimes, a bridesmaid might think that she is infringing in your personal territory, so let her know that her contribution, ideas and participation are much appreciated.

Of course, you would have to check with your sisters and friends whether they would be able to take time out and be free to join in the preparations. Also try and choose bridesmaids who are friends among themselves, so that the enjoyment of wedding celebrations multiplies manifold. They would require being present at the rehearsal dinner as well as the bridal day. It would be futile to select those who are unable to attend even one of the events.

Their Role

The bridesmaids have a number of duties. They would have to be present for their dress fittings. One among them will be the chief bridesmaid, known as the maid or matron of honor. She will coordinate the work of the others. The bridesmaids will also organize the hen’s night and other pre-wedding celebrations such as the bridal shower and kitchen tea. They will help to dress the bride on her big day as well. Besides taking care of the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s ring, ushering the guests etc., the bridesmaid can be a shoulder for the nervous bride to cry upon and relieve her anxieties.

You have the final say on choosing your bridesmaids; select them with care and have fun.

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