The Grooms Fathers Speech

Wow it was real fun arranging my brothers wedding! We had arranged the best and my father was preparing his speech. When we asked him for a rehearsal he said its suspense! We thought he was going to give us a good superb speech!

The day arrived and everything was fine and on schedule. The couple was just stunning and everybody were in a trance. The bride and groom arrived and the cutting of the cake was done. The time came for my dad to give his speech and there he was missing! We searched for him and the guests were restless as they were waiting to have the cake and wine which was so tempting.

Dad was found in the wash room rehearsing his speech and I had to haul him out. We were so mad that he said that speeches have to keep the guests waiting, as its a thrill. He came on stage and there he started his speech. He was so good at thanking our relatives, friends, and guests for making his sons wedding a very special occasion. My father started talking about my brothers pranks as a small boy. Everyone were in splits of laughter though my brother was embarrassed.

Everyone thought that was going to be the end but he took us to a bigger surprise by talking about my brothers circumcision and what trouble he had given in the hospital. The laughter was ringing in the air and my brother was very uncomfortable. He really felt as if dad was purposely doing this on his great day. We were all very angry but in a position and we couldn’t change our expressions. I went close to dad and told gave him a dig at his side and he told me that this is the place where my brother would be proud of himself giving him memories of his childhood.

I knew dad wasn’t going to stop. He went on about my brothers girlfriends and about how he went about bluffing at home to meet them. The bride was aghast! She was already feeling giddy. The guests were just having a good time on the grooms expense. When he mentioned girlfriends the brides mother who was serving wine threw the tray down! She was embarrassed as well.

He went on to explain how lucky the bride should be to marry his son after all his other girlfriends ditched him and that was too much for my brother to swallow. He signaled out to the chief best man to put an end to dad’s speech. The chief put on the music and apologized saying that it was time for the grand march and the speech would be continued at the next wedding which was to be mine. I shuddered at the thought of having my dad giving that speech and decided it will be a homely affair.

My brother wanted some water to give him some relief. He was so shocked that he said he didn’t want the grand march, but he was coaxed by the best man so henceforth all was well.

Whoever gives a speech must have in mind that the couple should never be embarrassed. The speech should catch the attention of guests, but not to hurt the couple, as this is a very important day in their lives and will want to have only beautiful memories of it. There can be fun but not at the expense of the groom.

The speech can relate incidents but not personal information or any incident which will make the audience laugh and the whole incident becomes ugly. The speech should always relate stories where love and care was shared and now the couple enters into a new phase of life they will have memories to cherish.

If there is something to be shared it can be done during the bachelors party. This is the party where you could say anything as its the fun in the party which matters. One should always remember that anything in moderation causes no botheration. A rehearsal is necessary and should be done at the mock ceremony or the rehearsal. Never leave it thinking that it will be good or put it off. Always make sure everything is planned before the big day including the speeches!

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