The most important thing for a groom

Although everybody is always very excited about their marriage

Although everybody is always very excited about their marriage but getting married is a really tough time. And with all the fuss about wedding dresses and flowers and cakes, it is easy to overlook one very important thing: The Groom Wedding Speech. 

It is the most important thing for a groom and should be perfect and delivered with enough confidence. 

Your Groom Wedding Speech would include a lot of things….

Your Groom Wedding Speech would include a lot of things like thanking to all the special people like your mom-dad, your in-laws, the Best man, the bridesmaid, the ushers etc etc. Just say what you feel. Bring up memories and repeat fun stories etc. You can share memories about everyone who supported you along the w. Don’t make your speech too long. Don’t forget to make eye-contact with the person about whom you are talking.

Here is a wedding speech experience that happened to a friend Edward:-
He started off by thanking the brother of bride for an awesome speech and then continued with his speech…

Ladies and Gentleman now it is the time for the bridegroom’s speech

Ladies and Gentleman now it is the time for the bridegroom’s speech. Before I start, a plenty of toasts gonna be there over the next few minutes, so please make sure that your glasses are all charged for that.
It is that part of the day I was fearing about, but the convention orders that I must do it. 

First of all, I would like to thank every one of you for coming here to celebrate our marriage. I am going to speak on behalf of both me and my beautiful wife-Sarah. It is my privilege and honor to do so. My wife and I, would like to thank you all for being here today and for all the wonderful cards and gifts. A special thanks to those who have given cheques, as we will be using the details on the cheques for paying our bills for years to come by setting up direct debits.

Unfortunately, everyone we love, is not here with us today, but we know they are here with us in spirit and in our hearts. So, with them in mind, I request you to please stand and raise your glasses in a toast to all the absent family members & friends.

Now, I would like to thank our parents

Now, I would like to thank our parents. To mine, I would say that you should undoubtedly receive a medal for endurance. I want to thank you for the love & support you gave me while bringing me up and for giving me the foundations and the values that I made me the person I am today. A special thank you for all your love and support over the years. You were always there whenever I needed you. I feel extremely lucky to have you both as my parents. On behalf of my wife and me, as a token of our appreciation and love please accept these flowers.

I would personally like to thank Jack and Paulina for bringing up such a lovely daughter Sarah, to become the woman that I have married today and for welcoming me in your family with so much love. I am a very shy person, but you have made it very easy for me to fit in. I hope I would prove to be a good son-in-law. I love Sarah with all of my heart and I will do everything that can make her happy. As a token of our love and appreciation please accept these flowers.

When I saw Sarah in her wedding dress for the first time today I was like, WOW!!!

I can’t tell you how absolutely-stunningly gorgeous you are looking today. Sarah and I have such a relationship that we can spend every waking minute together and not get bored. 
They say, “Don’t marry someone you can live with – Marry the person who you cant live without…” and I think I am doing that perfectly. I love you Sarah, in so many ways. You know me and understand me, you bring out the very best in me, because you are my very best friend, my soul mate. Sarah, Thank you for marrying me and making me the happiest man on this earth and for loving me as much as I love you.

So to thank Sarah, for all the hard work and time she has put in, to make today such a success, ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding, raise your glasses and join me, in making a toast to the most beautiful bride in the world!!

Next, a special thank you to Emma, who bought Sarah’s stunning dress for today and to Jessica who made all our wedding stationary.

I would like to thank our ushers Richard and Peter for their roles. A Special thanks to both of you.

To my Best man Philip. I would like to personally thank you for agreeing to be my best man. We have been friends for a long time now and have shared many experiences growing up together. You have always been there in all the good and bad times of my life and so you are today too, in the best event of my life.

A big thank you to the Bridesmaids, Katrina and Clara. I know how much support you have all given Sarah up to, including this day. I would like to ask everyone to all stand and raise their glasses and join me in toasting the bridesmaids… “The bridesmaids!”. Come up and get your gifts.

Now I think I am not going to bore you anymore, that is the best man’s job. I would like to thank you all once again and hope you have a fabulous evening.

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