Top Wedding Planning Mistakes‏ You Will Find!

Planning a wedding can be fun and tiring

Planning a wedding can be fun and tiring. You and your partner will have a stagnant period of time and before you know it, your wedding is around the corners. Having a budget is important for you to keep track of your finances and the wedding in all. You need to have a budget in order to cater to things you can get and not to fall into heaps of debts.Planning a wedding can be fun and tiring

Plan for a Date

First, get the wedding date and confirm a day for your wedding. Once this is finalized, many things will follow and it is easier to make your choices. For example, it streamlines all your processes as you work backwards, you know when to set datelines for different aspects of your logistics to be settled, like wedding gowns, wedding bands, wedding venue and many more.

Naturally, most brides want to get a wedding gown after they got proposed. This is usually a highway to hell because you have to plan other aspects and consider much logistical stuff. Before you get to the fun part, you need to set aside the important things first.Plan for a Date

Plan for a Theme and Venue

After the date is settled, it is now time to finalise a theme and venue. What are your particular interests, passion and hobby? What styles are to your liking? Have those sorted out and you can find many ideas relating to the different themes you can come up with. Perhaps a beach wedding theme, or a garden theme? Or a balloon theme? Some people like flowers theme.

Once your theme is in place, you can then find a good venue to go along with it. It also helps with the decorations for the day. Always keep in mind the budget too.Plan for a Theme and Venue

Plan for Your Attire

Ok, now that you have your venue and date, and theme ready, you now know what kind of wedding gowns to go for. Wedding gowns are selected after venue and theme is because you want to match the theme and not be totally out of attire. The last thing you want is a gown that is totally unsuitable to your own wedding.

When you shop for your wedding gown, do consider other costs such as changing of the sizes, the cuttings, the accessories and more. If you do not like it, you may customize it, but take note those are costs. Keep in budget and work on the best within it. If there are some alterations you think you really like it but cannot afford it, shave off those that really is what you want and take a little sacrifice on those you cannot afford.  Don’t put all your funds in one basket then realize at the end of the day you do not have enough.

Once you have those in place, then you can be at ease and shop properly.Plan for Your Attire


It is important to know the timeline of when to do shopping for your wedding. Do not wait till the last minute then realize your gown is not ready, or your venue is not booked. Start early and get your essential items ready and you will have ample time to correct them if it doesn’t fit your criteria.

Do your research online and shop online. There are many online shopping platforms that are good and cost saving. Do not procrastinate and start on your planning now. Seek for opinions online, friends, forums, social media and more.

The most important thing is to have a timeline and keep track of what needs to be done and what is already done. This way, you will know  what you need and your whole wedding preparation is intact.

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