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Those who wish to plan a modern wedding

Those who wish to plan a modern wedding but don’t know where to start and what to use can follow this article. We know that there are many brides and grooms out there who want a unique wedding but are completely clueless about what to do. To start, we suggest you think of a unique color scheme. You will be surprised to see how many ideas will bind on as you follow the color theme you picked. Many couples choose to plan their wedding by color and use one or more of their favorite nuances as the link between different wedding items and spaces.




Those who wish to plan a modern wedding

A simple discreet wedding

It can be a monochrome theme, bicolor or multi-tone theme, depending on the amplitude of the wedding. There are brides who like bold tones and brides who prefer softer shades. If you find yourself in the second category of brides, perhaps a pastel color theme can fit you best. The softness of pastel shades can add more to the elegance of a simple discreet wedding. It doesn’t have to be a flashy palette to captivate the attention of your guests. You can do it in a more refined and elegant way with a delicate color palette inspired by spring or fall. Pastels are great for spring wedding celebrations, but they can add more sweetness and femininity to any type of event when used properly.




A simple discreet wedding

stylish weddings

There is a wide range of pastel hues and derived shades you can consider to complement your wedding style and theme. Unobtrusive and delicate, pastel color themes can be incorporated in stylish weddings without creating an ugly strident effect. Fussy weddings based on bright colors may be too agglomerated for your taste. The most exciting thing about pastels is that they are incredibly versatile! This means that you can use them alone or mix them with richer tones. Pastels and metallic hues make fantastic color combinations for modern weddings. This is the ultimate trend in wedding reception themes. Although pastels are recommend for spring and summer celebrations, you can now use them in winter and holiday affairs when combined with jewel tones.




stylish weddings

If you are planning a modern wedding

Blush pink works well with gold and copper, while light blue forms a striking pair with silver or platinum. Peach and slate, olive green and purple amethysts, ruby red and maroons – these are just a few examples of unique combinations between pastels and metallic tones you can think of or get inspired from. Try lilacs and dusky pinks if you are planning a modern wedding with a vintage flair. This palette is incredibly soft and romantic. Combine it with ivory and blue shades for a more youthful look! Use lace and satin fabrics to enhance the beauty of these nuances. Yellow, limes and greens are ideal for fresh morning weddings.




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