Video Production Services

Here are just some of the video services that Premier Wedding Films can provide. If you have a special request, don’t hesitate to call.


  • Birthday Parties
  • Graduation Video
  • Highlight Reels
  • Insurance Video
  • Live Bands/Concerts
  • Public Events
  • Sports Recruitment Video
  • Corporate Events
  • Special Interest Video
  • Stage Productions
  • Training Videos


  • Video Editing
  • Digitizing
  • DVD Duplication

For our wedding video clients we will endeavour to complete editing while you are on honeymoon and have your film ready for your return.

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PDM Media

Each video we produce gets our personal attention, because every event is one of a kind. You can be sure each project is approached with a creative eye, professionally recorded and edited using the latest High Definition Video cameras and digital editing systems.

Video for Dance Recitals

The stage is set, the songs are cued and everyone is taking their places. As the last person takes their seat, the lights come up and cameras roll, the dance recital begins. Parents and teachers are very proud of all the student’s hard work.

A dance recital is a once in a lifetime event where the kids work hard at putting on a great show for their friends and family. We can capture the magic so you can relive the moments for years to come. Working with dance troops or individual parents, Treasured Moments can provide a multi-camera shoot to capture every angle of every act so you don’t miss a thing.

Theater Productions School Plays & Concert Videos

We have the experience to produce a high quality school play or a concert video with multi-camera capabilities. Your friends and family will be thrilled to be able to re-watch your child’s performance over and over again on a personalized DVD.

See the video photographer here

We have already booked a photographer.  Why do we need a videographer?

A well-crafted wedding video tells the story of your entire day in a way that photos just can’t. A video includes sights, sounds, laughter and often tears, as well as those special moments that a still camera can’t quite capture.  We are not there to replace your photographer at all: our wedding videos are designed to complement your photos, and to add an extra dimension to your wedding memories.  And nothing compares to video to capture the spirit of your day, not just for you to relive yourselves, but for future generations to experience, and for you to send to friends and family who cannot make the big day itself.

We’re both pretty shy and not sure we’ll be comfortable being filmed.  Will you keep getting in our way?

Your wedding day is all about you, not us.  We shoot discreetly, from the sidelines whenever possible, and we take special care not to disrupt you and your guests.  We shoot fly-on-the-wall documentary style, which means we capture your day rather than directing it.  Our camera gear is specially selected for weddings with this goal in mind.  For example; during your ceremony we place a small professional radio microphone on the groom which captures the whole ceremony’s sound footage with crystal clarity, and we are also able to maintain a respectful distance from the bridal party by using top-quality zoom lenses to capture the video footage.  When you receive your DVDs you may be surprised to see how we’ve been able to craft the story of your day since at the time you hardly noticed we were there!

Why Shouldnt we just ask a friend to film our day. Why should we book a Videographer Instead?

It may not be fair on your friend for you to expect that they can make you a good wedding video with their new handicam, especially if they are also to be a guest at your wedding.  Remember at weddings you don’t get a second chance; you are paying us to get it right the first and only time!  Quite simply, when you hire Premier Wedding Films, you can be rest assured in the knowledge that your precious future memories are in the hands of professionals with over 10 years of wedding experience under our belts.

And of course shooting your video is only the first half of the job.  While your friends may be able to record your wedding, he probably can’t tell the story of your wedding quite like we can; we use the latest non linear editing hardware and software to edit your wedding into a story of your day in a way that you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

What are the benefits of a second cameraman?

Your wedding day only happens once. At Premier wedding films we understand this importance and concentrate on capturing the most powerful and passionate memories possible. But with one camera it is inevitable that we will miss some things. By using two camera’s coverage is doubled. While the main camera covers the bridal party , the second camera captures your family and guests as they enjoy your special day. Two cameras are used during your service to give your movie an improved and visually cinematic feel. At Premier wedding films our two camera package provides you with two operators descreetly capturing your entire wedding day.

What will our edited wedding look like?

To a large extent this depends on you; through both your choice of wedding package and your choice of accompanying music.  We will meet with you before your wedding to discuss your choices and the possibilities for your wedding video.   We then deliver your videos to you on professionally-authored, fully-chaptered DVDs, usually within 5 weeks after your wedding.




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How much will it cost me?

Wedding videos can be surprisingly affordable.  Premier wedding Film production packages start a £600 although these packages are not carved in stone. We can put together a package which suits your requirements and budget.

How long will I wait before my film is ready?

Depending on the time of year and our schedule. We will return our completed DVD to you within 5 weeks.

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