Wedding Budget Tips

Find a suitable venue

Choosing a castle or a dream-like venue is very tempting, but keep in mind the practicality of the place. If you budget is reduced, do you need a 5000 sq meters place when you have 40 guests? You could save 100s of pounds just with this decision, as some venues charge eye-watering fees (and they may even squeeze several weddings in one day!).

Wedding Budget Tips

Keep to the basics

Photographers, videographers, magicians, children’s bouncy castles, photo booths, hair and make up stylists, fireworks, music, cars, etc.. it’s all wonderful and it would be fantastic to have them all, but consider what is more important for your priorities. A wedding day has a limited number of hours!

DIY flowers

Wedding flowers are overpriced. With a bit of creativity, ask some friends to help you putting together some nice DIY flower arrangements. There are lots of tips out there, from bouquets to central pieces.Keep to the basics

A good value honeymoon

Going to a paradisiacal location for the honeymoon is a standard and reasonable option, but after three days drinking coconut milk by the beach, I can assure you that it starts to get boring. Finding a great interesting location doesn’t need to cost you lots, and you don’t need to go too far either.

Instead of spending 2 weeks by a beach, what about a cosy and peaceful cottage in the countryside (where you won’t meet hundreds of newly married couples), or a motor caravan trip through different natural landscapes, or a train or river boat journey, an eco-trip, or a bit of everything??

Find something interesting and attractive for both, where you won’t have much time to get bored and still you will find some peaceful moments of rest. Nature is a must, specially if you live in a big city.Just make the wedding of a lifetime

A Gipsy wedding

Gipsies are king in celebrations, and I am not talking about that ‘Big fat Gipsy wedding’ program. Some of your family may have a big house, with a big garden. Hire a good catering company, a marquee, a band, and rock your wedding, and you can still do it with style, and saving money.

Too many guests?

Sometimes less is more. If your guest list is large, you can invite a reduced number of people to the ceremony and reception That can make the celebration more intimate  and enjoyable by everyone. You can then be joined by an extended list of friends in an evening party, or what about organizing a pub or garden party the day after?

What do you think?