Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Wedding Ceremony Decorations – Creating The Right First Impression

Wedding ceremony decorations is sort of a preview to your wedding reception. Guests will look at how you have decorated your wedding ceremony and they will get an idea of what to expect in the reception. Let me put it in another way. Your wedding ceremony decoration will create the first impression on your guests.

Keep It Simple

So if you want to make your overall wedding decorations successful, you have to start in the right way with your ceremony decorations. While planning your wedding ceremony decorations you should always keep in mind that they should be kept simple. Moreover, they should fall within the theme of the whole wedding. Ceremony decorations should not be too loud, as that would be distractive.

Few Tips That You Can Use

There are many ways of making your wedding ceremony memorable and special.

  • Flowers make the most outstanding wedding ceremony decorations. If you are getting married in a church, you can place bouquets of your favorite flower around the church’s pillars. Tie them with delicate ribbons and see the whole place stand out.
  • Isle should always be decorated with flowers. Strategically place flowers around the altar, pillars and the aisle. However, do not go overboard with flower decorations.
  • If you are getting married around Christmas time, you can use Christmas wreaths as part of your wedding ceremony decorations. Place the wreaths on the doors and on few walls.
  • The decorations for your wedding ceremony should create a romantic atmosphere. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using soft lighting. Light the aisle with Christmas lights and cover the wires with beautiful metallic ribbons. You can also use large candles to light the ceremony.
  • Colorful ribbons and laces when placed in the right spots help create the right mood for the ceremony. Flowers draped with gold, ivory or silver ribbons and laces add a unique touch to the decorations. You can also use contrasting colors in small amounts.
  • If you are looking for cheap wedding decorations, balloons would never disappoint you. Place balloon bouquets in soft colors like, white, pink, blue, and mint green strategically around the ceremony venue. Balloons can also be used in wedding table decorations.
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Simple ideas can make your wedding ceremony turn out the way you had always dreamt it to be. However, when you are planning the decorations for your wedding you should not ignore any aspect. In other words, you should not focus totally on reception decorations and pay little attention to ceremony decorations. You need to give total attention to the whole and to minute details also. That is how successful weddings are planned.

Your wedding ceremony is going to be the first event of your wedding. That is also going to be the first gathering point. Carefully planned and executed wedding ceremony decorations will leave a lasting and good impression on your guests.

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