Wedding Flower Ideas – For Your Personal Style

Buy Wholesale Wedding Flowers

Begin your wedding flower ideas by buying nothing less than the best flowers available in the market. Wholesale wedding flowers are much fresher than the ones that you find at your local florist or the wholesaler. Fresh farm flowers are not only popular for indoor ceremonies but also for beach wedding flowers decoration for any outdoor location.

When you buy flowers directly from a farm, then you get those at an early blooming stage and they can last up to fifteen days with proper care.

Flower Care

Wedding flower ideas are incomplete without proper flower care. Here are some useful tips:-

  • Flowers are delicate. Unpack them carefully on arrival.
  • Keep them in clean vases and containers only.
  • Follow the instructions of the supplier if you use flower food. It is preferable to use spring water instead of tap water. Spring water is more clean and pure.
  • Do not retain leaves and foliage under water in your flower container. Foliage left under water gets affected by bacteria and rots quickly.
  • Flowers need at least 12 hours to hydrate after shipping. So keep them in water after you unpack them.
  • Keep the flowers in a cool and ventilated spot, away from the sunlight. Warmer temperature hastens flower decay. The cooler the temperature, the slower the petals open up and the longer they last.
  • Do not place the flowers
  • in refrigerators
  • near fruits and vegetables
  • near heating or cooling vents
  • under ceiling fans or on the top of electronic gadgets
  • Replace the container water every 2 to 3 days with clean water. Remember to keep the containers clean.
    Tips For Special Wedding Flowers Care
  • Roses – Trim about 1” off the stem from the bottom and put them in water. Just before you arrange the roses for decoration, trim the stems again and gently remove discolored petals, if any.
  • Gerberas – Gerberas are supplied in trays and with long stems. Cut the stems about 1” from the bottom and place the trays over a bucket or a can of water. Keep hydrating the flowers in the same way for several hours.
  • Rose petals – Keep the rose petals away from moisture and freezing temperature. You can place the rose petals in a refrigerator. Make sure that the fridge is frost-free.
  • Oriental lilies – Remove the stamens as the blooms open up. This will prevent staining the furniture or the clothes when they open up fully.

The Internet has plenty of resources that provide wedding flower ideas. You are just a few clicks away from novel ideas on wedding bouquets, ceremony flowers, reception flowers, etc. to name a few. You can also add your own ideas to the ones that you find informative. If you follow some great wedding flower ideas, you will have a spectacular wedding event.

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