Wedding Reception Decorations

Wedding Reception Decorations – Having A Memorable Reception

Wedding reception decorations cannot be ignored because they play a crucial role in making your wedding the most memorable moment of your life. The reception is to celebrate your wedding. Your family and friends will all be there to celebrate with you. To make the moment memorable you need to create a beautiful setting for the reception.


When you are planning your wedding reception decorations, one of the first things that you would have to think about is the venue. Do you want an outdoor venue like a garden or a vineyard? Or would you prefer to go for an indoor venue. Your wedding decorations for the reception would need to match the venue. A garden setting would require different decorating ideas and items than a church reception. Moreover, you need to consider whether guests will be able to dance comfortably at the venue.

While you are paying all the attention to the venue, you should not neglect the little details. Taking care of little details is what makes wedding reception decorations work. Little details would include table settings, tablecloths, silverware, napkins, candles, etc. Does the color of the tablecloths match the overall color theme? Basically you cannot afford to ignore the little details.

Table Decorations

Tables would obviously be important part of your reception. It is okay to have an enchanting venue with a beautiful view, but without proper wedding table decorations the venue would lose its enchantment. Wedding tables are important because guests would be eating at the tables and carry on conversation. Candles, napkins, flowers, and center piece are some of things that you should consider while going through decorating ideas for wedding tables.

Wedding Cake

Wedding cake is another important aspect of the wedding reception decorations. A tall wedding cake is usually the norm. If you are having a small reception, you can order a wedding cake with fake layers of cake as a base. No one will know the difference.

When you start planning decorations for your wedding and the reception that will follow, it is a must that you always keep in view your budget. You need to plan your budget for each aspect of your wedding. Once you know how much you can spend on decorations, you can start shopping for them. If you look around you can easily find very affordable and unique wedding decorations for your wedding and reception. A very good advice to help you shop for decorations for your reception is to take a picture of the venue with you. This way you can see whether the decorations match the venue and the theme.

Careful planning goes a long way in having a beautiful wedding reception. Great planning ensures that everything is in sync. It ensures that you have a wedding that you will remember fondly. It also ensures that your wedding reception decorations fall clearly within your budget.

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