Wedding Shower Cakes

Wedding Shower Cakes – Use Your Imagination

If you are hosting a bridal shower, then make the wedding shower cakes as extravagant as you can. There are no rules to be followed here, so let your imagination run wild. No need to go for a multi-tier cake, you can think of any size and shape that goes with the wedding shower themes. As this occasion is meant to shower the bride with gifts and arrange lots of fun time for her and her relatives, it would be better to plan something great that will make this afternoon even more special.

We all believe that marriages are made in heaven

Some Popular Designs For Cakes

Let’s take a look at some wedding shower cakes designs, you can choose any one of these or make something out of your own creative mind:

  • Message cake: You can get a huge single tier or a layered cake; provide some icing so that guests can leave messages on it.
  • Groom message cake: Let the groom add a special message for her bride on the cake. You can ask him to write it down or get it written in the cake shop, as desired by the groom.
  • Picture cake: You can get the bride and grooms pictures transferred on the wedding shower cakes. It makes it all the more special.
  • Fake cake centerpiece: You can make this fake cake out of cloth pieces, in the shape of a centre tower. Now special messages, cash or gifts can be rolled on to each cloth piece which the bride can open during the shower.
  • Cup Cakes: instead of huge wedding shower cakes, you can design a multi-layer cup cake. This can be made of cup cakes, cheese cakes and muffins. Shower it with colorful candies and chocolate shavings.Wedding Shower Cakes

Choose The Topper That Goes Along With The Theme

After selecting the type of wedding shower cake, now it is time to select the cake topper. It should reflect something special about the bride and groom, but should not over-power the cake itself. It would be excellent if you are able to get a cake topper that goes with the wedding shower theme. It will fit in nicely and the whole thing will look efficiently coordinated. Similarly, the wedding shower games can be planned around the theme. For example, if the theme is kitchen items, then you can make a memory game of kitchen items, or taste-it games etc.

The wedding showers are a way to tell the bride and groom that everyone is going to have fun

The wedding showers are a way to tell the bride and groom that everyone is going to have fun

The wedding showers are a way to tell the bride and groom that everyone is going to have fun and thus should be less formal in nature. The actual marriage ceremony is mostly very formal in nature and there is no scope for fun. Thus, try to make this event very friendly, where people can interact, laugh and enjoy themselves. Keep the theme such so that the couple gets gifts which they would wish to have in their new home and new life. The wedding shower cakes should also reflect the same thought, thus should ideally be funky in style and design.

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